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Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop Overview

  • The Case for Apache Hadoop

    • Why Hadoop?

    • Fundamental Concepts

    • Core Hadoop Components

  • Hadoop Cluster Installation

    • Rationale for a Cluster Management Solution

    • Cloudera Manager Features

    • Cloudera Manager Installation

    • Hadoop (CDH) Installation

  • The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

    • HDFS Features

    • Writing and Reading Files

    • NameNode Memory Considerations

    • Overview of HDFS Security

    • Web UIs for HDFS

    • Using the Hadoop File Shell

  • MapReduce and Spark on YARN

    • The Role of Computational Frameworks

    • YARN: The Cluster Resource Manager

    • MapReduce Concepts

    • Apache Spark Concepts

    • Running Computational Frameworks on YARN

    • Exploring YARN Applications Through the Web UIs, and the Shell

    • YARN Application Logs

  • Hadoop Configuration and Daemon Logs

    • Cloudera Manager Constructs for Managing Configurations

    • Locating Configurations and Applying Configuration Changes

    • Managing Role Instances and Adding Services

    • Configuring the HDFS Service

    • Configuring Hadoop Daemon Logs

    • Configuring the YARN Service

  • Getting Data Into HDFS

    • Ingesting Data From External Sources With Flume

    • Ingesting Data From Relational Databases With Sqoop

    • REST Interfaces

    • Best Practices for Importing Data

  • Planning Your Hadoop Cluster

    • General Planning Considerations

    • Choosing the Right Hardware

    • Virtualization Options

    • Network Considerations

    • Configuring Nodes

  • Installing and Configuring Hive, Impala, and Pig

    • Hive

    • Impala

    • Pig

  • Hadoop Clients Including Hue

    • What Are Hadoop Clients?

    • Installing and Configuring Hadoop Clients

    • Installing and Configuring Hue

    • Hue Authentication and Authorization

  • Advanced Cluster Configuration

    • Advanced Configuration Parameters

    • Configuring Hadoop Ports

    • Configuring HDFS for Rack Awareness

    • Configuring HDFS High Availability

  • Hadoop Security

    • Why Hadoop Security Is Important

    • Hadoop’s Security System Concepts

    • What Kerberos Is and how it Works

    • Securing a Hadoop Cluster With Kerberos

    • Other Security Concepts

  • Managing Resources

    • Configuring cgroups with Static Service Pools

    • The Fair Scheduler

    • Configuring Dynamic Resource Pools

    • YARN Memory and CPU Settings

    • Impala Query Scheduling

  • Cluster Maintenance

    • Checking HDFS Status

    • Copying Data Between Clusters

    • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes

    • Rebalancing the Cluster

    • Directory Snapshots

    • Cluster Upgrading

  • Cluster Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    • Cloudera Manager Monitoring Features

    • Monitoring Hadoop Clusters

    • Troubleshooting Hadoop Clusters

    • Common Misconfigurations


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