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PowerDesigner Master Class Overview

Introduction to Data Modling with PowerDesigner

  • oManaging the PowerDesigner Modeling Environment
  • oIterative Modeling Techniques
  • oPowerDesigner Tool Options

Creating and Managing a Conceptual Data Model (CDM)

  • Defining Business Rules
  • oCreating Data Items, Entities, and Entity Attributes
  • Creating and Defining CDM Relationships
  • oCardinality and Existence
  • oDependency and Inheritance

Generating and Customizing a Physical Data Model

  • oTransforming CDM objects to PDM objects
  • oCheck Constraints
  • oViews, Keys, and Indexes

Generating the Create Database Script

  • Generation Options
  • oGenerating DDL vs. using ODBC

Generating Triggers, Procedures, and Functions

  • Trigger Generation Overview and Templates
  • oStored Procedures

Reverse Engineering and Maintaining Databases

  • Reverse Engineering from Scripts and from DLL
  • oUpdating PDMs and Databases

Object-Oriented Modeling and Analysis

  • UML Support in the OOM
  • oClasses and Objects
  • oUse-Case Modeling and the Noun-Verb-Adjective Approach

Relationships in PowerDesigner

  • Associations
  • oAggregation and Composition
  • oInner Classes

Dynamic Modeling in PowerDesigner

  • Dynamic Modeling Overview
  • oSequence Diagrams in PowerDesigner

Object Languages Overview

  • Languages Supported
  • oGenerating and Reverse Engineering Object Languages

Moving Between Models

  • Conceptual Mapping between Model Types
  • oDifferences between Object Modeling and Data Modeling
  • oGenerating Conceptual Data Models and Physical Data Models

Creating Reports with PowerDesigner

  • Report Templates
  • oReports in Models
  • oMulti-Model Reports

Using Metaworks with PowerDesigner

  • Repository Overview and Features
  • oConsolidation and Extraction
  • oModel versioning and branching



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