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SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS Web Intelligence: Report Design I(BOW310) Overview

  • Web Intelligence 

       -Describing Web Intelligence Concepts 

       -Explaining Web Intelligence Core Functions

  • Web Intelligence Documentation Management 

       -Describing Web Intelligence and the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 

       -Logging In to the BI Launch Pad 

       -Viewing a Web Intelligence Document in the BI Launch Pad 

       -Sharing Web Intelligence Documents 

       -Setting BI Launch Pad Preferences 

       -Logging Off From the BI Launch Pad 

       -Publishing Documents to the Corporate Repository 

       -Managing Documents in BI Launch Pad

  • Web Intelligence Documents with Queries 

       -Creating Queries 

       -Creating a Document 

       -Modifying a Document’s Query 

       -Query Properties

  • Data Return Restrictions from Queries 

       -Restricting Data with Query Filters 

       -Modifying a Query with a Predefined Query Filter 

       -Applying a Single-Value Query Filter 

       -Using Wildcards in Query Filters 

       -Using Prompts to Restrict Data 

       -Using Complex Filters

  • Web Intelligence Document Design 

       -Modifying Web Intelligence Documents 

       -Displaying Data in Tables 

       -Using Tables 

       -Presenting Data in Free-standing Cells 

       -Presenting Data in Charts

  • Presentation of Data in Documents 

       -Using Breaks and Calculations 

       -Using Sorts and Hiding Data 

       -Formatting Breaks and Cross Tables 

       -Filtering Report Data 

       -Ranking Data 

       -Highlighting Information with Formatting Rules 

       -Organizing a Report into Sections

  • Web Intelligence Document Formatting 

       -Formatting Documents 

       -Formatting Charts

  • Data Calculation 

       -Applying Formulas and Variables 

       -Using Formulas and Variables

  • Drilling Functionality 

       -Analyzing the Data Cube 

       -Drilling in a Web Intelligence Document

  • Comparing the Web Intelligence Clients 

       -Comparing the Web Intelligence Clients


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