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Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Boot Camp for Developers, version 8.61 Overview

1. Introduction

  • Course objectives

2. Mapping Techniques - local variables

  • Using local variables: self and forward references

3. Mapping Techniques - pivoting data

  • Using the Normalizer transformation (level of occurs, generated keys, examples)
  • Normalizing flat file outputs
  • Denormalizing with unconnected Lookups
  • Denormalizing with the Aggregator (conditional clause and local variables)

4. Mapping Techniques - self-joins

  • Using a Joiner with the sorted input property

5. Mapping Techniques - Lookup Transformation

  • Using dynamic caching
  • Pipeline lookups

6. Lab: Self-join, Dynamic Lookup and Denormalizing

7. Mapping Techniques - surrogate keys

  • Using the Sequence generator transformation
  • Using a trigger, GUID or update overrides

8. Mapping Techniques - other

  • Calling stored procedures
  • Transaction Control transformation and commit points
  • Transaction scope

9. Advanced Parameter usage

  • Sharing mapping parameters between sessions

10. Mapping Templates

  • Slowly changing dimension updates (type 1, 2, 3 and mixed)
  • Lab: dimensional updates
  • Data validation and error trapping
  • Comparing the contents of two tables and extracting differences
  • Building parameter files
  • Lab: parameter files

11. Performance Tuning

  • Understanding PowerCenters architecture
  • Getting baseline numbers
  • Using performance counters
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Tuning the target and source components
  • Tuning blocking transformations
  • Tuning Lookup transformations
  • Lab: tuning the mapping
  • Tuning the session, caches and memory
  • Using session partitioning
  • Tuning the workflow
  • Running multiple instances of the same workflow
  • Running a session or a workflow on a grid
  • Lab: session partitioning
  • Using PushDown optimization

12. Using XML

  • Overview
  • XML definitions
  • Using XML sources and targets
  • Using the XML editor
  • Midstream XML transformations

13. Lab: Using XML

14. Review of command line utilities

  • Infacmd
  • pmcmd
  • pmrep


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