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Advanced Unix / Linux Systems Programming Overview

System Programming Environment of the Unix/Linux  Environment

  • Environment of a C language program
  • System level programming requirements:
  •         C compiler issues
  •         Header files and libraries
  •         Special data types used
  •         Useful functions
  •         Error handling (basic)
  •         Documentation
  •         Security Issues

File Systems

  • Types of file I/O
  • File I/O structures
  • File I/O access types
  • Dealing with STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR
  • Creating and using temporary files
  • Directory file access and manipulation
  • Permissions

Process Creation and Control

  • Attributes (username, UID, PID, Groups)
  • Creation methods
  • Multi-tasking
  • Shells
  • Synchronization (process-level)
  • An introduction to threads
  • Threads with signals and synchronization

Advanced Unix / Linux Systems Programming

Synchronization and System Information

  • Time issues:
  •         how time is maintained
  •         timers
  • General synchronization
  •         semaphores
  •         mutexes, barriers, spin locks
  •         signals (generation and handling)
  • System information:
  •         uname
  •         hostname
  •         load averages

Interprocess Data Communication Facilities

  • Overview of Unix IPC Facilities
  • Memory Mapped files
  • Pipes and Named Pipes
  • Messages Queues
  • Creating and Using Shared Memory structures

Sharing Code Between Processes

  • Building shared object (libraries)
  • Static Linking
  • Dynamic Linking


  • Concepts and basic requirements
  • Socket creation and usage
  • TCP/IP level connections
  • UDP/IP level connections


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