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Introduction to Photoshop Overview

  • Module 1: Navigating Photoshop and getting to Know its Workspace

    • Workspace, Tools, and Panels

    • Understanding Bridge

    • Discovering the Tools panel

    • Accessing tools and their options

    • Using panels

    • Customizing your panels

    • Hidden tools

    • Navigating the image area

    • Using the Zoom features

    • Maximizing productivity with screen modes

  • Module 2: Organizing and Managing Photoshop files using Adobe Bridge

    • Navigating files using Bridge

    • Using folders in Adobe Bridge

    • Making a Favorite to easily access Photoshop files and locations

    • Creating and locating metadata

    • Opening a file from Adobe Bridge

    • Searching for files using Adobe Bridge

    • Saving a Collection

    • Automation tools in Adobe Bridge 

  • Module 3: Making and Using Selections in Photoshop

    • The importance of good selections

    • Using the Marquee tools

    • Changing selections into layers

    • Working with the Magic Wand tool

    • Using Photoshop's Lasso tool

    • Adding to and subtracting from selections

    • Saving selections

    • Feathering selections

    • Using the Quick Selection tool

    • Making difficult selections in Photoshop using Refine Edge

    • Using Quick Mask

    • Copying and pasting selections

    • Using Photoshop's Pen tool for selections

    • Converting a Photoshop path to a selection

  • Module 4: Painting and Retouching in Photoshop

    • Setting-up Photoshop's color settings

    • Color primer: understanding color

    • Understanding color gamut.

    • The RGB color model

    • The CMYK color model

    • Editing color settings

    • Selecting colors in Photoshop

    • Starting to paint color corrections

    • Using the Color panel

    • Using Photoshop's Brush tool

    • Changing opacity

    • Using the Brush Presets

    • Using the Airbrush feature

    • Applying color to an image

    • Changing Photoshop's blending modes.

    • The Eyedropper tool

    • Retouching images

    • Using the Clone Stamp tool

    • Repairing fold lines

    • Using the History panel

    • Working with the Spot Healing Brush

    • Fixing images with Photoshop's Healing Brush

    • Using the Patch tool

    • Using the Clone Source panel

    • Cloning from another source

  • Module 5: Color Correcting Images with Photoshop

    • Choosing Photoshop color settings

    • Photoshop Color Modes: working in RGB when color correcting

    • Reading a Photoshop histogram

    • Making Curve adjustments

    • Benefits of defining a highlight and shadow.

    • Locating the White and Black Point

    • Entering the white and black point values

    • Adjusting midtones in an image

    • Setting the neutral

    • Sharpening images in Photoshop

    • Taking care of red eye

    • Using the Camera Raw plug-in

    • Using Camera Raw controls

    • Saving and reopening a DNG file

  • Module 6: Using Content-Aware Tools in Photoshop

    • Adding image area: expanding an image using Photoshop

    • Viewing the on-screen ruler

    • Converting the Background into a layer

    • Scaling the background

    • Using Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill

    • Content-Aware Moves in Photoshop

    • Content–Aware retouching in Photoshop

  • Module 7: Introduction to Photoshop Layers

    • Discovering Photoshop layers

    • Selecting layers

    • Moving layers

    • Changing the visibility of a layer

    • Using masks in a layer

    • Preserve transparency in a Photoshop image

    • Creating a composition: merging images together in Photoshop

    • Moving images in from other documents

    • Creating a layer mask.

    • Editing the layer mask

    • Cloning Photoshop layers

    • Aligning and distributing layers

    • Applying filters to layers

    • Creating a type layer

    • Applying a layer style

    • Creating a clipping mask

    • Filtering Photoshop layers 


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