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Adobe Flash (Animate) - Introduction Overview

  • Animate Jumpstart

    • Introducing Animate

    • Understanding Animate file types

    • Creating and setting up a new document

    • Saving an Animate document

    • Using the Animate workspace

    • Working on the Stage

    • Accessing Animate  tools

    • Using the Property Inspector

    • Working with other panels and groups

    • Putting the Timeline to use

  • Getting Started with the drawing tools

    • Drawing in Animate 

    • Understanding merge drawing mode

    • Using the Line tool

    • Drawing with the Pen tool

    • Using the Shape and Primitive tools

    • Adding text to your artwork

    • Introducing filters

    • Working with colors and gradients

    • Organizing and layering graphics

    • Transforming graphics and gradients

  • Using symbols and the library

    • Understanding symbols and instances

    • Looking at the Library panel

    • Creating symbols

    • Building artwork with symbol instances

    • Editing symbols

    • Modifying instances

    • Changing instance color

    • Duplicating symbols

    • Swapping symbols

    • Managing the Library

  • Creating basic animation

    • Introducing keyframes and the timeline

    • Working on layers

    • Using frames and keyframes

    • Creating motion-tweened animation

    • Incorporating color effects, rotation and scaling

    • Modifying animation with the Motion Editor

    • Controlling animation paths

    • Morphing with Shape Tweens

    • Creating and modifying classic tweens

    • Adjusting animation with Onion Skinning

  • Working with Imported Files

    • Understanding import formats

    • Importing still images

    • Placing a bitmap image

    • Adding text

    • Swapping out an imported file

    • Modifying and updating imported artwork

    • Updating imported files

    • Taking advantage of Photoshop layers

    • Importing Illustrator artwork

    • Animating imported images

  • Adding Sound and Video

    • Preparing sound files for Animate 

    • Editing your audio

    • Choosing audio formats

    • Importing sounds

    • Adding sounds to the Timeline and buttons

    • Understanding video in Animate 

    • Choosing embedded vs. linked video

    • Using Animate Video formats

    • Converting video with Adobe Media Encoder

    • Adding embedded video

  • Introducing ActionScript navigation

    • Understanding ActionScript

    • Choosing the right ActionScript version

    • Placing ActionScript

    • Adding actions with the Actions panel

    • Using Script Assist

    • Controlling Movie Clip timelines

    • Building basic button symbols

    • Creating rollovers

    • Exploring Javascript behaviors

    • Adding behaviors to a button

  • Delivering your final movie

    • Understanding the publishing process

    • Customizing Publish settings

    • Publishing to the Web

    • Publishing for the Desktop with Adobe AIR

    • Publishing for Mobile Devices

    • Publishing for iOS

    • Publishing for Android OS

    • Using Export Movie

    • Exporting as a PNG Sequence

    • Working with FTP


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