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Spring Cloud Fundamentals Overview

  • Lesson: The Spring IO Platform

    • Spring IO Platform

    • Spring IO Main Projects

    • Spring IO and Boot

  • Lesson: Spring Cloud Project

    • Spring Cloud Project Overview

    • Spring Cloud Features

    • Service Registration

    • Service Discovery

    • Load Balancing

    • client-side Load Balancing

    • API Gateways

    • Service Routing and Filtering

    • Aervice Monitoring

    • Scaling and Auto scaling

    • Resiliency

    • Circut Breakers

    • Declarative REST Clients

    • Distributed configuration with Spring Cloud Config

  • Tutorial: Working with Eclipse Neon

  • Demo: Spring Cloud Config Server and Client

  • Lesson: Spring Boot Primer

    •  What is Spring Boot

    •  AutoConfiguration

    •  Boot Quickstart

  • Exercise: Basic Spring Boot Application

  • Lesson: Cloud Config Server

    •  Spring Cloud Config Server Overview

    •  Creating a Spring Cloud Config Server

    •  Create configuration data

  • Exercise: Creating Cloud Config Server

  • Exercise: Creating Cloud Config Data

  • Lesson: Cloud Config Client

    •  Spring Cloud Config client Overview

    •  Creating a Spring Cloud Config Client

    •  Pull configuration from server

  • Exercise: Creating Cloud Config Client


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