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Citrix XenDesktop 7 Help Desk CXD-104 Overview

Module 1: The Helpdesk and Citrix Solutions

o Understanding Citrix Solutions

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Networking Technologies
  • Collaboration and file sharing

o Overview of the Helpdesk

  • Support Levels & Responsibilities
  • Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Define the issue
  • Gather detailed information
  • Consider possible causes
  • Create an action plan to address the issue
  • Implement the action plan
  • Observe the results of the action plan
  • Document any changes following resolutions

o XenDesktop 7 Architecture

Understanding components

  • Receiver
  • StoreFront
  • Delivery Controller
  • Studio
  • Director
  • Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA)
  • SQL Database
  • NetScaler
  • Hypervisor
  • Virtual Machines
  • XenDesktop 7 Infrastructure
  • Port Utilization
  • ICA Proxy

o Reinforcement Exercise

Module 2: Citrix Receiver and the End-User Experience

o StoreFront

o Installing and configuring Receiver

o Navigating Receiver

Accessing Receiver

  • Adding and Opening Applications
  • Accessing a Desktop
  • Downloading a Configuration File

o Troubleshooting Tools

Connection Center

  • Event Logging
  • Citrix Scout and Tools as a Service (Taas)

o Reinforcement Exercise

Module 3: Citrix Studio

o Signing into Studio

o XenDesktop Concepts

Administrator Roles

  • Administrator Scopes
  • Machine Catalogs
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Registered and Unregistered States
  • Delivery Groups
  • Policies
  • Resultant Set of Policy
  • User Profiles

o Reinforcement Exercise

Module 4: Printing with XenDesktop 7

o Printing Concepts

o Printer Types

o Default Printing Behavior

Altering the Default Printing Behavior

o Printing Policies

o Provisioning Printers

Citrix Universal Print Server

  • Universal Print Driver
  • Configuring the Universal Print Server
  • Auto-creating Client Printers
  • Controlling Client Printer Auto-Creation
  • Administrator-assigned Session Printers

o End User Self-Provisioning

Auto-Retained Printers

o Printer Drivers

o Citrix Print Detective Tool

o Troubleshooting Printing Issues

o Reinforcement Exercise

Module 5: Resolving Issues with Citrix Director

o Citrix Director

o Accessing Director

o Viewing User Details

Activity Manager

  • Machine Details
  • Session Details
  • Logon Duration
  • Personalization
  • HDX Panel

o Interacting with the End User

  • Sending a Message to an End User
  • Shadowing an End User

o Resolving End-User Issues

  • Resetting an End-User Profile
  • Ending a Machine Process
  • Ending applications
  • Enabling and Disabling Maintenance Mode
  • Managing an End-Users Machine Power Status
  • Disconnecting a Session
  • Logging an End User Off

o Administrator Features of Director

  • Monitoring within the Director Dashboard
  • Monitoring the Infrastructure Panel
  • Monitoring Connected Sessions
  • Monitoring Logon Duration Averages
  • Monitoring Machine and End-User Connection Failures
  • Monitoring Historical Trends
  • Viewing Trends
  • Searching using Filters

o Reinforcement Exercise


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