Google Marketing Platform Boot Camp Classroom Live Dallas, TX October 18, 2021

Price: $1,100

This course runs for a duration of 3 Days.

The class will run daily from 8:30 am CST to 4:30 pm CST.

Class Location: Dallas - Dallas, TX.

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The Google Marketing Platform combines the DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite together for an all-inclusive platform that includes:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Studio
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Surveys

Understanding the full suite of tools available will help you better understand your customers and help you collaborate and share insights. This course provides a very interactive experience. Attendees will get hands-on practice during class in order to learn all the tools. Real experience and practice is the main enabler to becoming proficient. Throughout the class, students have the opportunity work in their own accounts or example accounts in order to get the experience and feedback needed to fully grasp these concepts and skills. Google Ads and Analytics certification information will be provided and discussed. You will be able to take and pass those certifications after taking this course.

Course Objectives:

  • Incorporate Google Analytics Into Your Current Marketing Efforts
  • Set Up an Analytics Account and Profile
  • Measure Conversions
  • Understand Audience Behavior
  • Calculate Revenue and ROI
  • Understand Data Points and Their Impact on Your Business
  • Learn the Value of Testing Variables
  • Interpret Visitor Behavior to Your Website
  • Identify Various Segments Visiting Your Website
  • Analyze Keyword Data

Course Overview

Part 1: Google Ads

  1. Google Ads/PPC Overview
    • Overview of Paid Search
    • PPC Benefits
    • Types of Google Ads campaigns
    • Google Ads vs. Bing Ads
  2. Google Ads Search Campaigns
    • Account Structure
    • Setting up billing
    • Manager Accounts
    • Quality Score
    • Ad Rank
  3. Pre-Campaign Build Activities
    • Determining the focus of your advertising campaigns
    • Documenting the Buyer’s Journey
    • Landing Pages
  4. Building Search Campaigns
    • Exploring features of the Campaign Builder Interface
    • Understanding the role of each type of advertising network
    • Creating a Search Network Campaign
    • Applying core settings
    • Determining budget and bidding options
    • Setting a campaign schedule
    • Set up of conversion tracking
    • Lab: Building your own Google Ads search campaign
  5. Keyword Research
    • Keyword match types
    • Using the Keyword Planner for keyword research
    • Competitor research
    • Building Ad Groups
    • Lab: Conducting keyword research
  6. Creating Search Ads
    • Anatomy of a paid search ad
    • Ad extensions
    • Creating search ads
    • Best practices
    • Lab: Creating powerful ads using Google Ads best practices
  7. Advanced Features
    • Applying audience segmentation to your campaigns
    • Remarking
    • Managing Google Ads Campaigns
    • Using the reporting interface and understanding the key metrics used in monitoring a campaign
    • Lab: Managing Google Ads
  8. Google Display Network
    • Overview of Google Display Network (GDN)
    • Types of ads used in GDN
    • Determining which placement options to use
    • YouTube campaigns
    • App promotion campaigns
  9. Working with Agencies
    • Benefits of working with agencies
    • How to connect your account to an agency’s account
    • Managing the relationship with an agency

Part 2: Google Analytics

  1. Introduction to Digital Analytics
    • What digital analytics can measure
    • Determining what you should measure
    • Preparing your website and marketing campaigns for digital analytics measurement
  2. Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Overview of the user interface
    • Dimensions and metrics
    • Common metrics used in campaign measurement
    • Lab: Determining what to measure in your digital marketing campaigns
  3. Setting Up Google Analytics
    • Creating your account
    • Inserting your tracking code
    • Accessing the Google Analytics Demo Account
    • Lab: Looking inside Google Analytics
    • Connecting to Google Ads
    • Connecting to Google Search Console
    • Lab: Connecting Google Ads and Google Search Console to Google Analytics
  4. Inside Google Analytics
    • Reporting orientation
    • Adjusting reporting date ranges
    • Creating annotations
    • Exporting reports
  5. Exploring the 5 Main Reporting Areas
    • Real Time Reporting
    • Audience Dashboard
      • Demographics
      • Behavior
      • Technical details
      • Mobile data
      • Visitor flow
    • Acquisition Dashboard
      • Channel reporting
      • Creating unique tracking parameters
      • Google Ads reporting
    • Behavior Dashboard
      • Page data reporting
      • Event tracking
      • On-site search reporting
    • Conversions Dashboard
      • Creating goals within views
      • Monitoring goals
  6. Advanced Topics
    • Creating and applying filters
    • Lab: Filtering in Google Analytics
    • Creating and applying segments
    • Lab: Applying segments in Google Analytics
    • Determining KPIs & Creating KPI Dashboards
    • Lab: Creating KPIs
    • Setting up Enhanced eCommerce

Part 3: Google Tag Manager

  1. Overview of Google Tag Manager
    • Uses of GTM
    • Creating a GTM account
    • Basic components of GTM containers
  2. Creating a GTM Container
    • Building a container
    • Creating tags
    • Creating triggers
    • Creating custom variables
    • Deploying your GTM container
  3. Google Tag Manager Data
    • Types of tags you can deploy in GTM
    • Data generated by GTM containers
    • Where to access data within Google Analytics generated by a GTM container

Part 4: Google Search Console

  1. Overview of Google Search Console
    • Understanding SEO
    • Determining how your site is performing in organic search
  2. Creating a Google Search Console Account
    • Creating an account
    • Adding a property to GSC
    • Validating your property within GSC
  3. Reporting Data Available in Google Search Console
    • 9 Primary Reporting Tools:
      • Performance
      • URL inspection
      • Index coverage
      • Sitemaps report
      • Speed report
      • Mobile usability report
      • Sitelinks search box
      • Manual actions report
      • Security issues report
  4. Using Google Search Console
    • Interpreting data from GSC reports
    • Determining how often to review data
    • Actions you can take based on GSC data

Part 5: Google Data Studio

  1. Overview
    • The challenge of marketing data reporting
    • Variety of data sets available to marketers
    • Understanding what Google Data Studio is and what it can do for marketers
  2. Creating a Google Data Studio Report
    • Elements of a GDS report
      • Dashboard
      • Data sources
    • Using existing templates vs. create your own dashboard
    • Creating a data source for your dashboard
    • Customizing the layout and appearance of a GDS report
    • Sharing access to your GDS report dashboard
    • Lab: Creating your own dashboard and data source in GDS


There are no prerequisites for this training, but you should have some familiarity with basic online marketing concepts (PPC, SEO, email) so you can apply them to your real-world situation in class. Familiarity with how Google advertising works or even experience with Google Ads is a plus.