Personal Skills Training for Professional Excellence Classroom Live Herndon, VA November 22, 2021

Price: $1,950

This course runs for a duration of 3 days.

The class will run daily from 9:00 am EST to 4:30 pm EST.

Class Location: Herndon - Herndon, VA.

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In today’s complex and fast-changing workplace, how you demonstrate your professionalism and the effect you have on others is as important as the tangible results you produce. In this Personal Skills course, you will learn to make the best use of your strengths and talents to achieve success and work with others to manage challenging situations and add value to your organization. You will learn how to develop the behaviors and competencies that help focus on your purpose, work effectively with colleagues, develop your networks and expertise, contribute constructively to organizational politics and build a reputation for delivering results.

Key Features of this Personal Skills Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Learning Tree end-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Add value to your organization by building your strengths and talents
  • Get results working with different and difficult personality types
  • Maintain focus in pressure situations
  • Build and leverage your professional reputation
  • Work productively within your organization's political environment


  • A desire to develop greater self-knowledge
  • Ability to work constructively with others

Course Overview


  • Key characteristics of professional people
  • The components of personal effectiveness

Realizing Your Strengths and Fulfilling Your Potential

  • Evaluating your aptitudes, personal style and development areas
    • Applying the Multiple Intelligences Model
    • Profiling your preferred personal style(s)
    • Uncovering the talent paradox
  • Working to your strengths
    • Assessing natural talents and personal values
    • The influence of intelligences on personality
    • Recognizing the effects of personal styles

Building Your Professional Effectiveness

  • The core elements of professional excellence
    • The three Rs of personal effectiveness
    • Operating with ethics and integrity
  • Developing your professional power
    • Recognizing the source of your personal power
    • Adopting a proactive approach to building your power

Working Productively with Others

  • Enhancing your thinking tool set
    • Revealing limiting beliefs and personal restrictors
    • The dynamics of human interactions
    • Enhancing your emotional intelligence
  • Interpreting behavior and language to understand motives and intentions
    • The importance of difference in productive working
    • Building effective mental models
    • Managing different personal styles

Achieving Results in Pressure Situations

  • Working together to get results
    • Identifying important players in your work environment
    • Working with difficult coworkers
    • Countering corporate game-playing
  • Making meetings work for you
    • Keeping your meetings constructive and professional
    • Taking personal styles into account during meetings
    • Adopting a collaborative approach

Building Your Professional Reputation

  • Amplifying your effectiveness by networking
    • Reaping the benefits of networking for purpose
    • Enhancing your personal influence
    • Building and managing your networks proactively
    • Crafting your personal brand
  • Demonstrating political intelligence
    • Assessing your level of political intelligence
    • Being political with integrity
    • Navigating the power and politics in your organization
  • Managing disagreement productively
    • Being assertive without aggression
    • Defusing disagreement with active listening
    • Dealing with more serious disagreement

Creating the Results You Want

  • Harnessing the power of positive psychology
    • Seeing stress as a gift
    • Building short-term coping mechanisms
    • Developing mental toughness
  • Assembling a personal success strategy
    • Aligning strengths and purpose
    • Finding balance with the Wheel of Life
    • Choosing to become the best that you can be