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Knowledge Transfer Computer Training

Public, Private and Customized Training….. Knowledge Transfer's reputation for excellence in training delivery is based on combining client needs with quality, professionalism and the proven ability of our trainers and training partners. Headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis / St.Paul, Minnesota, we currently deliver training across North America and currently expanding into EMEA and APAC. Our primary emphasis is on computer training, financial training and management training, we also provide various forms of customized training for corporate clients.

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Training Request Process…. Reducing costs and enhancing shareholder value has become a requirement for virtually every corporation. KTCS allows companies to achieve this by allowing them to focus on 'core' tasks that relate directly to the corporation's business model. Let KTCS handle the research and procurement of your technical training needs.  You will gain access to over 400 certified vendors and independent trainers.  Lower your cost of training without limiting your vendor options!

Outsource Your Training Request Process to KTCS and Save Hundreds of Thousands On Your Training Budget. This is NOT a “Preferred Vendor Program”, it is a “Preferred Training Request Process” that promotes flexibility, autonomy, along with time management and fiscal accountability. Ask us about our case study, you will be amazed just how easy it is to save on your training dollars by simply centrailizing your "Training Requests".

Consulting Services:
Our trainers are practictioners, when they are not training they are consulting.  Make sure you hire a resource who can transfer the knowledge when the work is completed.

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Knowledge Transfer is proud to announce that we have formed a relationship with LearnQuest and Global Knowledge to provide IBM training. LearnQuest and Global Knowledge are one of a handful of providers selected by IBM to be a Global Training Provider, and our relationship with LearnQuest and Global Knowledge allows Knowledge Transger to bring you the latest IBM courses.”

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