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Knowledge Transfer Consulting Services Inc.

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Knowledge Transfer Computer Training

Worldwide IT & Leadership Training

Our core area of focus is on IT related training for the end user and the IT professional as well as business process improvement and leadership development. Our Training Request Services managed, monitored and procured training in over 67 cities spanning across the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Beijing,
India, Argentina and Australia.

Our services are based on complete vendor-independence, unparalleled knowledge about the training supplier marketplace, access to the very best subject matter experts,very significant buying power and our passionate committed staff.

Global Training Request Services

Implementing a global training request service maximizes the spending power for the organization while still providing the autonomy in the approval process at the local level.
No matter the training requirements or location, these services ensure every training request is researched to its fullest capacity to ensure the best options are presented.

Dramatically Reducing Our Client's Spend

Through our services we can document every training request, every dollar spent and every dollar you saved!  Contact KTCS to learn how we have reduced one of our client's spend on their overall training by $4.5M.

Promoting The Most Training Options
Assisting Companies and Individuals in Identifying The Right Class/Content
Delivered at the Right Time and Location
No Matter the Topic, Platform, Location
It will be delivered at the most cost effective rate

Knowledge Transfer is proud to announce that we have formed a relationship with LearnQuest and Global Knowledge to provide IBM training. LearnQuest and Global Knowledge are one of a handful of providers selected by IBM to be a Global Training Provider, and our relationship with LearnQuest and Global Knowledge allows Knowledge Transger to bring you the latest IBM courses.”

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