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Cloudera Training for Apache HBase Overview

  • Introduction to Hadoop and HBase

    • What Is Big Data?

    • Introducing Hadoop

    • Hadoop Components

    • What Is HBase?

    • Why Use HBase?

    • Strengths of HBase

    • HBase in Production

    • Weaknesses of HBase

  • HBase Tables

    • HBase Concepts

    • HBase Table Fundamentals

    • Thinking About Table Design

  • The HBase Shell

    • Creating Tables with the HBase Shell

    • Working with Tables

    • Working with Table Data

  • HBase Architecture Fundamentals

    • HBase Regions

    • HBase Cluster Architecture

    • HBase and HDFS Data Locality

  • HBase Schema Design

    • General Design Considerations

    • Application-Centric Design

    • Designing HBase Row Keys

    • Other HBase Table Features

  • Basic Data Access with the HBase API

    • Options to Access HBase Data

    • Creating and Deleting HBase Tables

    • Retrieving Data with Get

    • Retrieving Data with Scan

    • Inserting and Updating Data

    • Deleting Data

  • More Advanced HBase API Features

    • Filtering Scans

    • Best Practices

    • HBase Coprocessors

  • HBase on the Cluster

    • How HBase Uses HDFS

    • Compactions and Splits

  • HBase Reads and Writes

    • How HBase Writes Data

    • How HBase Reads Data

    • Block Caches for Reading

  • HBase Performance Tuning

    • Column Family Considerations

    • Schema Design Considerations

    • Configuring for Caching

    • Dealing with Time Series and Sequential Data

    • Pre-Splitting Regions

  • HBase Administration and Cluster Management

    • HBase Daemons

    • ZooKeeper Considerations

    • HBase High Availability

    • Using the HBase Balancer

    • Fixing Tables with hbck

    • HBase Security

  • HBase Replication and Backup

    • HBase Replication

    • HBase Backup

    • MapReduce and HBase Clusters

  • Using Hive and Impala with HBase

    • Using Hive and Impala with HBase

  • Appendix A: Accessing Data with Python and Thrift

    • Thrift Usage

    • Working with Tables

    • Getting and Putting Data

    • Scanning Data

    • Deleting Data

    • Counters

    • Filters

  • Appendix B: OpenTSDB


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