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Roadmap to Service Oriented Architecture Overview

1. Introduction to SOA

The Service Oriented Architecture has been dubbed the next important technology as well as simply a marketing term. Understanding what your companies definition of an SOA is the most important question you can ask yourself as a CIO, IT manager, developer, business analyst, or a project manager.

  • 1. Architecture
  • Legacy architectures
  • Service Orientation
  • 2. Enterprise Integration Applications
  • Case Study 1: Integrating Health Records
  • Case Study 2: Integrating Order Entry Applications
  • 3. Web Services



The major benefit of an SOA is being able to connect disparate or legacy applications through a service. The case studies in chapter one will get you started identifying ways your company can leverage these services.

2. Technologies

Get a high level view of all the technologies that make of the Service Oriented Architecture. Find out how XML and other technologies will change the way you implement applications and software in your business

  • 1. WS-Platform
  • a standard of standards
  • 2. XML
  • Documents
  • Schema
  • Transforms
  • 3. WSDL
  • 4. SOAP
  • 5. UDDI

3. XML - In Depth

Dig deeper into XML and how vital it is to the Service Oriented Architecture. Find out the differences between HTML and XML and how developers can leverage XML in an Service Oriented Architecture environment

  • 1. The importance of XML
  • 2. Differences between XML and HTML
  • 3. Understanding XML Structure
  • 4. Storage and usage options
  • 5. Schema

Leveraging a schema

Validating a schema

Understand rich data types

  • 6 XSLT

Presentating XSLT


4. SOAP - In Depth

Find out how to exchange XML based messages using the Simple Object Access Protocal.

  • 1. Protocols
  • 2. Standardization
  • 3. Error handling

5. WSDL - In Depth

Experience the Web Services Description Language (WDSL) and how to communicate with this XML based service description on how to communicate with Web ServicesDefinition language Integration


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