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Introduction to C++ Programming Overview

  • 1. Why Object-Oriented Programming?
  • 2. A Review of C Programming
  • 3. Using C++ as a "Better C"
  • 4. Types, Functions, and Structures
  • 5. Data Protection via Classes
  • 6. Function Overloading and Typesafe Linkage
  • 7. Constructors and Destructors
  • 8. Introduction to Object-Oriented Design
  • 9. Derived Classes and Inheritance
  • 10. Concepts of Container Classes
  • 11. Friendship Among Classes
  • 12. Multiple Inheritance
  • 13. Virtual Functions (and Pure Virtual Functions)
  • 14. static Class Members
  • 15. Implementation Hiding of C++ Classes
  • 16. Operator Overloading


  • This course comprises about 50% hands-on lab and 50% lecture, with extensive programming exercises that are designed to reinforce skills and concepts learned in the course. Our courses include ample materials and labs to ensure that you are either appropriately challenged or assisted at all times - regardless of skill level. You are invited to bring your ideas and questions to the classroom for discussion. Lecture, group problem-solving, and online laboratories will be used in class. You are encouraged to enhance your skills by using the techniques presented through classroom problem-solving and controlled online workshops.


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