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SQL Level 2: Advanced Querying Overview

  • Lesson 1: Using Subqueries to Perform Advanced Querying

  • Topic A: Search Based on Unknown Values

  • Topic B: Compare a Value with Unknown Values

  • Topic C: Search Based on the Existence of Records

  • Topic D: Generate Output Using Correlated Subqueries

  • Topic E: Filter Grouped Data Within Subqueries

  • Topic F: Perform Multiple-Level Subqueries

  • Lesson 2: Manipulating Table Data

  • Topic A: Insert Data

  • Topic B: Modify and Delete Data

  • Lesson 3: Manipulating the Table Structure

  • Topic A: Create a Table

  • Topic B: Create a Table with Constraints

  • Topic C: Modify a Table's Structure

  • Topic D: Back Up Tables

  • Topic E: Delete Tables

  • Lesson 4: Working with Views

  • Topic A: Create a View

  • Topic B: Manipulate Data in Views

  • Topic C: Create Aliases

  • Topic D: Modify and Delete Views

  • Lesson 5: Indexing Data

  • Topic A: Create Indexes

  • Topic B: Drop Indexes

  • Lesson 6: Managing Transactions

  • Topic A: Create Transactions

  • Topic B: Commit Transactions


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Comments on the Course

This course expands on SQL Level 1: Fundamentals of Querying by adding insert, update and delete SQL statements.  The course also examines the uses of indexes and transactions.

The SQL information is ANSI standards and can be applied to any RDBMS, including DB2, Oracle, SQL/Server, Sybase, etc.