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XML Overview

  • Unit 1 :XML basics

    • Topic A: Introduction to XML

    • Topic B:The evolution of XML

    • Topic C:Benefits of XML

  • Unit 2 :XML components

    • Topic A: Defining an XML document

    • Topic B: Document components

  • Unit 3 :Document type definitions

    • Topic A:Document modeling and DTDs

    • Topic B: Declarations

    • Topic C: Document analysis and testing

  • C-1:Creating and validating an XML document

    • Topic A: XML Schema

    • Topic B: Schema description and components

    • Topic C: Creating a schema

  • Unit 5 :Cascading Style Sheets

    • Topic A:CSS and XML

    • Topic B: CSS styles

  • Unit 6 :XML transformations

    • Topic A: Transforming XML documents

    • Topic B: Data transformation

  • Unit 7 :Linking in XML

    • Topic A: XML Linking Language

    • Topic B: Creating links with XLink

    • Topic C: Validating XLinks

    • Topic D: XML Pointer (XPointer)

  • Unit 8 :XML APIs

    • Topic A:Introduction to XML APIs

    • Topic B: DOM interfaces and objects

    • Topic C: Sax versus DOM

  • Unit 9 : XML data binding basics

    • Topic A: Data binding fundamentals

    • Topic B: Integrating XML data sources

    • Topic C: Data source objects

  • Appendix A: XML authoring tools

    • Topic A: XML editors

    • Topic B: Integrated development environments

  • Appendix B Introduction to XHTML

    • Topic A: Understanding XHTML

    • Topic B: XHTML variants and DTDs

    • Topic C: XHTML utilities


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