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MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications Overview


  • MySQL Overview
  • MySQL Products
  • MySQL Services
  • MySQL Enterprise Services
  • Supported Operating Systems
  • MySQL Certification Program
  • Training Curriculum Paths
  • MySQL Website


  • LAMP Architecture
  • Apache Server
  • The MySQL Database
  • PHP
  • Installing XAMPP

PHP Foundations

  • Delimit PHP code within HTML
  • Comment PHP code
  • Construct Feedback
  • Use the Data Types available in PHP
  • Use Key Control Statements
  • Develop Reusable Code with user defined functions

MySQL Foundations

  • General Architecture
  • MySQL client
  • Tables
  • Storage Engines
  • SELECT statement
  • Aggregate queries

PHP Connecting to MySQL

  • Establish and close a connection to the MySQL server from PHP
  • Retrieve and display data from the MySQL server

Linking Between Tables

  • Define and create an HTML link
  • Create the ability to pass information between web pages
  • Link dynamic pages to other pages


  • Use the INSERT statement
  • Use the UPDATE statement
  • Use the REPLACE statement
  • Use the DELETE statement


  • Create and design HTML web forms
  • Update data in a MySQL database using a web form
  • Delete MySQL data with PHP
  • Insert new records in MySQL using web forms


  • Describe the concept of a Join
  • Connect Data from Multiple Tables using Joins
  • Resolve Name Clashes when Joining Tables

Session Handling

  • Describe Session Handling
  • Use Session Handling Tasks
  • Database Authentication

Common Techniques

  • Template Systems
  • Smarty Template System


  • Course Overview
  • Training and Certification Website
  • Course Evaluation
  • Thank You!
  • Q&A Session


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