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Adobe Illustrator Introduction Overview

Module 1: Getting to Know the Adobe Illustrator Workspace

  • Exploring the Illustrator interface

  • Choosing a workspace

  • Opening a file

  • Using artboards

  • Changing your view

  • Zooming and scrolling

  • Using tools and panels

  • Exploring the Control panel

  • Working with panels and the dock

  • Saving workspaces and shortcuts

Module 2: Adobe Illustrator Essentials

  • Using Illustrator's shape tools

  • Repositioning and visually resizing the shapes

  • Putting the Transform panel to work

  • Constraining a shape

  • Entering exact dimensions

  • Selecting artwork

  • Using the shape and transform tools

  • Introducing layers

  • Cutting and pasting objects

  • Repeating transformations

Module 3: Adding Color

  • Exploring the Appearance panel

  • Changing colors in Illustrator

  • Adding effects

  • Using Live Paint

  • Adding a symbol

  • Saving swatches

  • Selecting the same color

  • Creating a color group

  • Using the Color panel

  • Adding Pantone colors

Module 4: Working with the Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tools

  • Understanding the Pen tool

  • Drawing straight, curved and hinged lines

  • Tracing images

  • Creating a tracing template

  • Working with Image Trace

  • Using the Line, Pencil and Eraser tools

  • Editing existing paths

  • Adding and removing points

  • Cutting and joining paths

  • Combining shapes with the Shape Builder

Module 5: Exploring Additional Adobe Illustrator Color Options

  • Adding tonal values with gradients

  • Customizing an existing gradient

  • Saving the gradient

  • Applying a second instance of the gradient

  • Using the Gradient panel

  • Updating a gradient

  • Creating and using patterns

  • Creating a bounding box

  • Applying the pattern

  • Editing a pattern fill

  • Locating existing patterns

  • Finishing up the illustration

  • Creating a Color Group

  • Using the Color Guide

Module 6: Working with and Formatting Text using Illustrator

  • Formatting text

  • Paragraph formatting

  • Using paragraph and character styles

  • Editing styles

  • Putting text on a path

  • Warping text

  • Putting text in a shape

  • Creating outlines

  • Checking spelling

  • Using Find and Replace

Module 7: An Introduction to Illustrator's Layers

  • Getting to know the Layers panel

  • Using layers to organize your illustrations

  • Using the Layers panel to make selections

  • Creating new layers

  • Showing and hiding layers

  • Locking and unlocking layers

  • Rearranging layers

  • Moving items between layers

  • Remembering layers when pasting

  • Creating a template layer


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