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Advanced Java Programming Overview

Chapter 1. Generics

  •    Using Generics
  •    Type Erasure
  •    Type Boundaries
  •    Wildcards
  •    Generic Methods
  •    Strengths and Weaknesses of Generics
  •    Legacy Code and Generics

Chapter 2. Threads

  •    Java Thread Model
  •    Creating and Running Threads
  •    Manipulating Thread State
  •    Thread Synchronization
  •    Volatile Fields vs. Synchronized Methods
  •    wait and notify
  •    join and sleep
  •    The Concurrency API
  •    Atomic Operations
  •    Thread Pools

Chapter 3. Reflection

  •    Uses for Meta-Data
  •    The Reflection API
  •    The Class<T> Class
  •    The java.lang.reflect Package
  •    Reading Type Information
  •    Navigating Inheritance Trees
  •    Dynamic Instantiation
  •    Dynamic Invocation
  •    Reflecting on Generics

Chapter 4. Annotations

  •    Aspect-Oriented Programming and Java
  •    The Annotations Model
  •    Annotation Types and Annotations
  •    Built-In Annotations
  •    Annotations vs. Descriptors (XML)

Chapter 5. Sockets

  •    The OSI Reference Model
  •    Network Protocols
  •    The Socket Class
  •    The ServerSocket Class
  •    Connecting Through URL Objects
  •    HTTP and Other TCP Servers
  •    Datagram Clients and Servers
  •    Non-Blocking Sockets
  •    Multi-Threading in Servers


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