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PowerCenter 8.6.x Web Services with XML and Java Overview

Day 1

PowerCenter and XML

  • XML sources and target
  • XML parser and generator transformations
  • Using the XML editor

Using the Java transformation

  • Passive mode
  • Active mode
  • Java expressions

Lab: using XML parser and Java transformation

Web services concepts

  • Web services and the technologies behind them
  •          SOAP
  •          WSDL
  •          UDDI
  • Service consumers and service providers

Web service consumer examples

  • Reader
  • Writer
  • Processor

Day 2

PowerCenter web service consumer

  • Using WSDL sources and targets
  • Using the web service consumer transformation
  • Setting up the session

Lab: creating a mapping and session to read data from a web service, process it and store the results in a database

PowerCenter web service provider

  • Components and architecture
  • Setting up and managing the web service hub
  • Using the web service hub console

Batch services

  • Integration web services
  • Metadata web services

Real time services

  • Overview
  • One way mappings
  • Request-response mappings
  • Web service enabled workflows and sessions

Lab: creating a request-response mapping and a web enabled workflow


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