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Advanced C Programming Overview

The C Development Environment

  • The cc(1) Command
  • Include Files
  • Libraries

Basic and Derived Data Types in C

  • Simple C data types
  • Integral data types
  • Floating point types
  • Derived data types
  • Array data types - single and multi-dimensional
  • Structure data types
  • Simple pointer types
  • Pointers to structures/multiple pointers
  • Pointers to functions
  • The const qualifier
  • Bit operators
  • Using typedef

Function: Calling, Passing, and Returning Values

  • Anatomy of a function
  • Parameter passing - pass by value
  • Parameter passing - pass by reference

Standard I/O

  • Standard I/O streams
  • File access
  • Formatted I/O
  • String I/O
  • File positioning operations
  • Block I/O

Low Level File I/O

  • Standard I/O vs system I/O
  • File access
  • Direct I/O
  • File Positioning
  • Error Handling

Memory Allocation with malloc and calloc

  • Dynamic memory allocation overview
  • malloc(), calloc()
  • realloc(), free()
  • Structure Pointers
  • Array of pointers to structures

Memory Organization and the Scope of Variables

  • Command line arguments (argc, argv)
  • The memory layout of a C Program
  • The stack segment
  • The heap segment

Data Structures - Linked Lists

  • Array limitations
  • Linked lists
  • List operations - formation
  • List operations - delete


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