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BSCI Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks v3.0 Overview

1. Network Requirements

2. Configuring EIGRP

  • Introducing EIGRP
  • Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
  • Configuring Advanced EIGRP Options
  • Configuring EIGRP Authentication
  • Using EIGRP in an Enterprise Network

3. Configuring OSPF

  • Introducing the OSPF Protocol
  • OSPF Packet Types
  • Configuring OSPF Routing
  • OSPF Network Types
  • Link State Advertisements
  • Configuring OSPF Route Summarization
  • Configuring OSPF Special Area Types
  • Configuring OSPF Authentication

4. The IS-IS Protocol

  • Introducing IS-IS and Integrated IS-IS Routing
  • IS-IS Routing Operation
  • Configuring Basic Integrated IS-IS

5. Manipulating Routing Updates

  • Operating a Network Using Multiple IP Routing Protocols
  • Configuring and Verifying Route Redistribution
  • Controlling Routing Update Traffic
  • Implementing Advanced IOS Features: Configuring DHCP

6. Configuring Basic BGP

  • Explaining BGP Concepts and Terminology
  • Explaining EBGP and IBGP
  • Configuring Basic BGP Operations
  • Selecting a BGP Path
  • Using Route Maps to Manipulate Basic BGP Paths

7. Implementing IP Multicast

  • Explaining Multicast
  • IGMP and Layer 2 Issues
  • Explaining Multicast Routing Protocols
  • Multicast Configuration and Verification

8: Implementing IPv6

  • Introducing IPv6
  • Defining IPv6 Addressing
  • Implementing Dynamic IPv6 Addresses
  • Using IPv6 with OSPF and Other Routing Protocols
  • Using IPv6 with IPv4


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