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Test-Driven Development and Refactoring-Advanced Overview

Day 1

Taking it Deeper

  • Fakes and Mocks
  • Static vs. Dynamic Mocks
  • Interfaces Are Key


  • Persisting to a Flat File
  • Mocking a Flat File Statically
  • Mocking a Flat File Dynamically
  • Additional Features (as time permits)

Applying Mocks

  • Persisting to a DB
  • Mocking the DB
  • Additional Features (as time permits


  • Static vs. Dynamic experiences
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Lessons learned

Day 2

Dealing With Legacy Code

  • Duplication and Dependencies
  • Retrofitting Tests
  • Bite-sized Chunks
  • Go Straight for the Pain

Writing Tests for Your Own Code (in-house courses)

  • Break into teams
  • Select local production code
  • Each team gets different code


  • Team leaders present results
  • Brief code reviews
  • Lessons learned

Day 3

Testing GUIs

  • GUI-testing Intro
  • JFCUnit, Jemmy, Ultra-Thin GUIs
  • Jester, NoUnit, Clover, etc

Checking the Tests from Day 2

  • Break into teams
  • Assign code and tools to teams
  • Run the tools on the code


  • Break into teams
  • Assign code and GUI tasks to teams
  • Test-drive some GUIs


  • Team leaders present test and GUI results
  • Brief code reviews
  • Lessons learned


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