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Advanced Tester Certification - Test Analyst Overview

  • Section I: Testing Process

    • Testing in the Software Development Lifecycle

    • Test Planning, Monitoring and Control

      • Test Planning

      • Test Monitoring and Control

    • Test Analysis

    • Test Design

      • Concrete and Logical Test Cases

      • Creation of Test Cases

    • Test Implementation

    • Test Execution

    • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting

    • Test Closure Activities

  • Section II: Test Management: Responsibilities for the Test Analyst 

    • Test Progress Monitoring an Control

    • Distributed, Outsourced and Insourced Testing

    • The Test Analyst's Tasks in Risk-Based Testing

      • Risk Identification

      • Risk Assessment

      • Risk Mitigation

  • Section III: Test Techniques

    • Specification-Based Techniques

      • Equivalence Partitioning

      • Boundary Value Analysis

      • Decision Tables

      • Cause-Effect Graphing

      • State Transition Testing

      • Combinatorial Testing Techniques

      • Use Case Testing'User Story Teesting

      • Domain Analysis

      • Combining Techniques

    • Defect-Based Techniques

      • Using Defect-Based Techniques

      • Defect Taxonomies

    • Experience-Based Techniques

      • Error Guessing

      • Checklist-Based Testing

      • Exploratory Testing

      • Applying the Best Technique

  • Section IV: Testing Software Quality Characteristics

    • Quality Characteristics for Business Domain Testing

      • Accuracy Testing

      • Suitability testing

      • Interoperability Testing

      • Usability Testing

      • Accessibility Testing

  • Section V: Reviews

    • Usines Checklists in Reviews

  • Section VI: Defect Management

    • When Can a Defect be Detected?

    • Defect Report Fields

    • Defect Classification

    • Root Cause Analysis

  • Section VII: Test Tools

    • Test Tools and Automation

      • Test Design Tools

      • Test Data Preparation Tools

      • Automated Test Execution Tools


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