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Microsoft Word 2010 Level 2 Overview

Unit 1: Styles and outlines

  • Topic A: Examining formatting
  • Topic B: Creating styles
  • Topic C: Modifying styles
  • Topic D: Working with outlines

Unit 2: Sections and columns

  • Topic A: Creating and formatting sections
  • Topic B: Working with columns

Unit 3: Formatting tables

  • Topic A: Table formatting basics
  • Topic B: Borders and shading
  • Topic C: Table data
  • Topic D: Table styles

Unit 4: Printing labels and envelopes

  • Topic A: Labels
  • Topic B: Envelopes

Unit 5: Templates and building blocks

  • Topic A: Template basics
  • Topic B: Building blocks
  • Topic C: Document properties

Unit 6: Graphics

  • Topic A: Creating diagrams
  • Topic B: Using the Drawing tools
  • Topic C: Formatting text graphically

Unit 7: Managing document revisions

  • Topic A: Tracking changes
  • Topic B: Working with comments

Unit 8: Web features

  • Topic A: Web pages
  • Topic B: Hyperlinks







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