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QuarkXPress Level 1 Overview

  • QuarkXPress Basics

    • Creating a project

    • Examining the Tools palette

    • Creating guides

    • Working with items

    • Creating boxes

    • Using ShapeMaker

    • Entering text

    • Importing text

    • Formatting text

    • Importing a picture

    • Modifying picture size

    • Running text around a picture

    • Managing imported pictures

    • Controlling stacking order

    • Spacing and aligning items

    • Working with layers

    • Creating colors

    • Applying colors to text and pictures

    • Applying colors to frames and boxes

    • Creating a blend

    • Editing a color

    • Creating a table

    • Adding text

    • Linking cells

    • Adding a picture

    • Adding and deleting rows and columns

    • Editing a table

    • Importing a table

    • Printing basics

  • Advanced Layout Construction

    • Working with master pages

    • Creating automatic page numbers

    • Separating layouts into sections

    • Creating a new library

    • Adding an entry to a library

    • Deconstructing a project

    • Saving as a template

    • Working with palette groups

    • Creating palette sets for text and images

    • Using XTensions software

  • Text and Typography

    • Creating a character style sheet

    • Creating a paragraph style sheet

    • Applying a style sheet

    • Editing a style sheet

    • Adjusting leading

    • Adjusting space before and after paragraphs

    • Using baseline shift

    • Using hanging characters

    • Adjusting tracking and kerning

    • Inserting glyphs

    • Inserting special characters

    • Working with OpenType

    • Setting tabs numerically

    • Setting tabs visually

    • Applying rules and drop caps

    • Hyphenation and justification

  • Page Elements

    • Using the automatic text box

    • Linking text boxes

    • Rerouting and breaking links

    • Drawing with The Bezier Pen tool

    • Drawing a Bézier box

    • Points, handles and segments

  • Advanced Pictures

    • Embedded clipping path

    • Clipping path for runaround

    • Creating and modifying clipping paths

    • Embedded alpha channel

    • Vista adjustments and filters

    • Exporting a picture with Vista effects

    • PSD Import

  • PDF Output

    • Exporting a Quark layout as a PDF

    • Adding hyperlinks

    • Exporting a layout with PDF/X verification


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