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QuarkXPress Intermediate Overview

  • Long-Document Features

    • Creating a book

    • Rearranging chapters

    • Creating independently numbered sections

    • Changing a book's master chapter

    • Synchronizing book styles

    • Defining a TOC list

    • Synchronizing a list

    • Building a table of contents

    • Updating a list

    • Defining punctuation for an index

    • Tagging index entries

    • Editing index entries

    • Creating a cross-reference

    • Building a formatted index

  • Transparency and Drop Shadows

    • Controlling transparency for items

    • Controlling transparency for groups

    • Controlling transparency for text

    • Creating a drop shadow for an item

    • Creating a drop shadow for an text

    • Modifying a drop shadow

    • Creating a drop shadow for a group

  • Color Management

    • Previewing color

    • Configuring color management settings

  • Shared Content

    • Adding a layout to a project

    • Creating a split view and a new window

    • Synchronizing a picture between layouts

    • Synchronizing text between layouts

  • Composition Zones

    • Creating a Composition Zones item

    • Working with Composition Zones usage

    • Linking to a composition layout

  • Job Jackets

    • Creating a project from a Job Ticket template

    • Appling a Job Ticket template to a project

    • Evaluating a layout

    • Sharing a Job Jackets file

    • Examining a Job Jackets file

    • Adding and moving resources

    • Adding a rule set

    • Adding a layout definition

  • Interactive Layouts

    • Creating an On/Off button

    • Creating the button states

    • Configuring the button

    • Previewing the button

    • Playing background sound automatically

    • Creating a menu

    • Creating interactive menu objects

    • Configuring the mouse-over effects

    • Configuring user events

    • Animating a logo

    • Creating an Image Sequence

    • Creating the frames in the Image Sequence

    • Placing the Image Sequence in the layout

    • Configuring a Play Animation action

    • Adding a SWF animation

    • Adding a video

    • Creating scrollable text

    • Exporting to a standalone Projector file

    • Accessing the completed project files

  • Digital Publishing

    • Adding interactive content to a Blio layout

    • Creating a Reflow view

    • Adding pages and items

    • Tagging content

    • Adding a Blio TOC

    • Adding eBook metadata

    • Exporting an ePUB e-book

    • Testing an ePUB e-book

  • Layout Automation

    • Creating bullet and numbering styles

    • Applying bullet and numbering styles

    • Creating an outline style

    • Applying an outline style

    • Creating call-outs and call-out anchors

    • Creating and applying call-out styles

    • Creating and applying a conditional style

    • Using conditional style markers


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