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Intermediate Photoshop Overview


  • Module 1: Photoshop Workspace Efficiencies and Key Concepts

    • Efficiently navigating the Photoshop workspace

    • Managing panels and tools

    • Navigational shortcuts

    • Setting-up and saving workspaces

  • Module 2: Taking Photoshop Layers to the Next Level

    • Using keyboard shortcuts when working with layers

    • Using masks in a layer

    • Preserving transparencies

    • Creating advanced compositions with layers

    • Using and editing layer masks

    • Cloning layers

    • Aligning and distributing layers

    • Applying effects to layers 

    • Module 3: Using Content-Aware Tools for Photoshop Retouching

    • Preparing to use Content Aware Tools by adding image area

    • Using on-screen rulers with content aware tools

    • Converting the Background into a layer

    • Scaling background layers

    • Using Content-Aware Fill to expand or change images

    • Content-Aware Move

    • Working with Content–Aware retouching in Photoshop

  • Module 4: Removing Backgrounds to Create Layered Compositions

    • Understanding document settings

    • Viewing an image’s size and resolution

    • Combining the images

    • Using Duplicate to move a layer

    • Dragging and dropping to copy one image to another

    • Transforming and editing combined images

    • Changing the size of a layer

    • Removing a background

    • Creating a vector mask

    • Starting your pen path

    • Using the Quick Selection tool

    • Refining a selection

    • Using layer styles

    • Grouping layers

  • Module 5: Using Layer Styles and Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

    • Making color changes using adjustment layers

    • Painting on the adjustment layer mask

    • Adjusting the Hue/Saturation layer

    • Adding a pattern fill layer

    • Defining the pattern

    • Applying the pattern

    • Using the Black & White adjustment layer

    • Adding a tint to an image

    • Applying a gradient to the adjustment layer

    • Creating and using layer styles

    • Creating a text layer

    • Applying the Outer Glow layer style

    • Applying the Bevel and Emboss layer style

    • Changing shading

    • Changing fill opacity

    • Saving styles to use later

    • Accessing saved style

  • Module 6: Using the Photoshop Pen Tool for selections and artwork

    • Working with the Pen tool

    • Understanding the modes of the Pen tool

    • Uses of the Pen tool in Photoshop

    • Adding and deleting anchor points

    • Working with curved paths

    • Changing anchor points

    • Selecting paths

    • Creating straight lines

    • Creating curved paths

    • Drawing hinged curves

    • Creating selections with the Pen tool

    • Starting paths

    • Saving Photoshop paths

    • Turning paths into selections

    • Turning paths into a vector mask

    • Using a path to adjust color

  • Module 7: Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

    • Creating a composition using Smart Objects

    • Opening an image as a Smart Object

    • Converting a layer to a Smart Object

    • Placing a Smart Object

    • Editing a Smart Object

    • Editing the contents of a Smart Object

    • Modifying multiple Smart Object layers

    • Replacing the contents of a Smart Object layer

    • Working with Smart Filters

    • Modifying a Smart Filter

    • Creating multiple Smart Objects

    • Working with Illustrator files

  • Module 8: Photoshop tools for creating Web, Video, and Interactive images

    • Changing units of measurement for online images

    • Creating slices for web images

    • Selecting and combining image slices

    • Applying attributes to image slices

    • Saving images from Photoshop for the web

    • Exporting images from Photoshop for use in digital video

    • Creating animations in Photoshop

    • Working in Frame mode

    • Saving an animated GIF from Photoshop

    • Creating animation for HD video

    • Working in Photoshop's Timeline mode 


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