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Big Data on AWS Overview

  • Day 1

    • Overview of Big Data

    • Ingestion, Transfer, and Compression

    • Storage Solutions

    • Storing and Querying Data on DynamoDB

    • Big Data Processing and Amazon Kinesis

    • Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Amazon EMR

    • Using Amazon Elastic MapReduce

  • Day 2

    • Hadoop Programming Frameworks

    • Processing Server Logs with Hive on Amazon EMR

    • Processing Chemistry Data Using Hadoop Streaming on Amazon EMR

    • Streamlining Your Amazon EMR Experience with Hue

    • Running Pig Scripts with in Hue on Amazon EMR

    • Spark on Amazon EMR

    • Interactively Creating and Querying Tables with Spark and Spark SQL on Amazon EMR

    • Managing Amazon EMR Costs

    • Securing your Amazon EMR Deployments

  • Day 3

    • Data Warehouses and Columnar Datastores

    • Amazon Redshift and Big Data

    • Optimizing Your Amazon Redshift Environment

    • Big Data Design Patterns

    • Visualizing and Orchestrating Big Data

    • Using Tibco Spotfire to Visualize Big Data


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