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Citrix Desktop Virtualization Fast Track CMB-207 Overview

The following outline identifies the Citrix XenDesktop topics included in the course.

Note: Not all topics will be covered by lecture. Students are expected to self-study select modules as designated by the instructor.

Module 1: Introduction and Course Overview

o Course Overview

o Course Outline

o Connect with Citrix Education

Module 2: Introducing XenDesktop

o Overview

o Five Core Strengths of XenDesktop

o Desktop Virtualization

o XenDesktop Product Family

o FlexCast

  • Use Cases
  • Virtual Desktop Models

o HDX Technologies

o Hosted Desktop Delivery

o Quick Deploy

Quick Deploy System Requirements

Module 3: Configuring the Hypervisor for Desktop Delivery

o Overview

o Virtualization

  • Virtualization Components

o Hypervisors

Hypervisor Role in Desktop Delivery

o Windows Virtual Machine Architecture

Installation from an ISO

  • To Create an ISO Library
  • Windows Virtual Machine Device Support
  • Windows Virtual Machine Creation
  • XenServer Tools

o Templates and Life-Cycle Operations

  • Virtual Machine Templates
  • To Provision a New Virtual Machine Using a Template
  • Virtual Machine Export and Import
  • Virtual Machine Duplication
  • Snapshots
  • Virtual Machine Operations

o XenConvert

To Convert a Server or Desktop to a Virtual Machine

o Virtual Machine Resource Management

o Events and Alerts

o Resource Pools

Virtual Machine Movement

o Network Components and Architecture

  • External Networks
  • Internal-only Network
  • NIC Bonds
  • To Create a NIC Bond in XenCenter
  • VLANs

o Storage

Storage Repositories

o Remote Storage

Storage Capability Comparison

o Troubleshooting Hypervisor Issues

  • Module 4: Installing and Configuring XenDesktop

o Overview

o XenDesktop Architecture

  • Production Site Configuration

o License File Management

Obtaining License Files

o Security Considerations

o Active Directory Considerations

Supported Active Directory Environments

  • Active Directory-Based Controller Discovery
  • Active Directory Objects

o Configuring a XenDesktop Site

To Configure a XenDesktop Site

o Web Interface

Web Interface Considerations

o Desktop Delivery Communication Process

Access Gateway

  • ICA Proxy Mode
  • Access Gateway Deployment Scenarios
  • Access Gateway Communications
  • Access Gateway Authentication
  • Single Sign-on to Web Interface
  • SmartAccess

Module 5: Managing Desktop Catalogs and Groups

o Overview

o Administration Roles

To Add an Administrator Account

o Preparing a Virtual Desktop for Delivery

  • Virtual Desktop Agent Installation
  • Virtual Desktop Agent Wizard Settings
  • Manual Firewall Configuration

o Machine Creation Services

Machine Creation Services Host and Storage Requirements

o Desktop Catalogs

Machine Types

  • Pooled Machine Type
  • Dedicated Machine Type
  • Existing Machine Type
  • Physical Machine Type
  • Streamed Machine Type
  • Virtual Desktop Updates
  • To Modify the Master Virtual Machine
  • To Revert to the Previous Master Virtual Machine

o Desktop Groups

Desktop Group Types

  • Desktop Group Examples
  • To Create a Desktop Group
  • Power Management
  • Pools and Buffers
  • To Configure Power Management

o Troubleshooting Desktop Catalog and Group Issues

Module 6: Customizing the User Experience

o Overview

o User Device Types

  • Display Modes

o Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver for Windows

  • Citrix Receiver for Windows System Requirements
  • Citrix Receiver for Macintosh

o Citrix Merchandising Server

  • Citrix Merchandising Server Architecture

o Profile Management

  • User Profiles
  • User Profile Types
  • Redirecting User Data
  • Managing User Profiles
  • Profile Management Logon Process
  • To Enable Profile Management

o FlexCast for Apps

Application Delivery Method

o XenDesktop Policies

Policy Creation

  • To Create a Policy
  • Policy Settings
  • Policy Setting Best Practices
  • Policy Prioritization

o Troubleshooting Customization Issues

Module 7: Monitoring XenDesktop Sites

o Overview

o Desktop Director

Installing Desktop Director

  • Accessing Desktop Director
  • Desktop Director Pages
  • Filters
  • Searching for a User or Machine

o User and Machine Management

Managing Machines

  • Managing End Users

o User Shadowing

  • To Shadow a User

o Troubleshooting Site Monitoring Issues

Module 8: Streaming Desktops to Virtual and Physical Machines

o Overview

o Streamed VHDs and Catalogs

o Provisioning Services

  • Citrix Provisioning Services Infrastructure
  • Citrix Provisioning Services Components
  • Key Services
  • Provisioning Services Administration
  • o Installation Planning
  • Network Boot Services
  • Boot Process
  • DHCP Deployment Options
  • DHCP Configuration
  • Provisioning Services Farm Design
  • Farms
  • SQL Database Server
  • Service Account Permissions
  • Sites
  • Stores
  • Write Caches

o Storage Requirements

Sample vDisk Storage Requirements

o Provisioning Services Installation

To Install Provisioning Services

o Provisioning Services Configuration

To Configure a Provisioning Services Farm

o Store Configuration

o Troubleshooting Provisioning Services Installation and Configuration

Module 9: Creating a Shared vDisk

o Overview

o vDisk Image Modes

Standard Image Mode

  • Difference Disk Image Mode
  • Private Image Mode

o Write-Cache Types

Cache on Server Disk

  • Cache on Server Disk: Local Storage
  • Cache on Server Disk: Shared Storage
  • Cache on Devices Hard Drive
  • Cache on Devices Hard Drive: Local Storage
  • Cache on Devices Hard Drive: Shared Storage
  • Target Device-based RAM Cache
  • Target Device RAM

o To Create a vDisk

  • Imaging Wizard
  • vDisk File Creation
  • VHD Format
  • vDisk Mounting
  • Formatting a vDisk

o Master Target Device

Boot Order

  • Master Target Device Software
  • To Create a Windows Master Target Device using the Imaging Wizard

o XenConvert Overview

  • To Image Windows Target Devices with XenConvert

o Troubleshooting vDisk Creation Issues

Module 10: Administering Provisioning Services Components

o Overview

o Provisioning Services Hosts in the Console

Target Device Connections

  • Provisioning Services Host Properties

o Target Device Management

Target Device Collection

  • Target Device Views
  • Target Device Properties

o Active Directory Integration

Domain Password Management Process

  • Automatic Password Renegotiation
  • To Integrate Active Directory

Disk Management

Disk Properties

  • To Create a vDisk File
  • To Unassign vDisks from Target Devices
  • To Delete a vDisk

Disk Locks

Disk Backup

o Streamed Desktop Catalogs

To Create a Streamed Desktop Catalog

Disk Updates

Automatic Update

  • Incremental Update
  • Auto-update Tool
  • Incremental Update Rollback
  • Scheduled vDisk Updates

Disk Update Strategies

o Troubleshooting Provisioning Services Issues

Module 11: Delivering Local VM Desktops

o Overview

o Local VM Desktops with XenClient

  • XenClient Architecture
  • Synchronizer for XenClient

o XenClient Installation

To Install XenClient

o XenClient Configuration

  • Receiver for XenClient
  • To Create a Virtual Machine
  • XenClient Tools

o Synchronizer Installation and Configuration

  • Image Management
  • To Upload a Virtual Machine to the Synchronizer
  • To Assign Desktops to End Users
  • User Management
  • To Create a Local User or Group
  • To Link an Existing AD User or Group
  • Device Management

o XenClient User Experience

  • Secure Application Sharing

o Troubleshooting Local VM Desktop Issues

Module 12: XenDesktop 5.5 New Features

o What's New in XenDesktop 5.5?

  • Flash Redirection
  • HDX 3D Pro
  • IntelliCache
  • XenDesktop 5.x Migration Tool


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