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Help Desk Support for XenApp and XenDesktop CHD-100 Overview

Architecture Overview:

  • o XenApp Architecture
  • o XenApp Communication and Launch Process
  • o XenApp Management Consoles and Diagnostic Tools
  • o XenDesktop Architecture
  • o XenDesktop Communication and Launch Process
  • o XenDesktop Management Consoles and Diagnostic Tools

User Experience:

  • o XenApp Published Applications and Desktops
  • o XenDesktop Virtual Desktops and VM Hosted Apps
  • o Combining XenApp and XenDesktop

Introduction to Troubleshooting XenApp/XenDesktop:

  • o XenApp Session Startup Phases
  • o XenDesktop Session Startup Phases

Troubleshooting Client Connectivity:

  • o Citrix Receiver
  • o Web Interface
  • o Access Gateway
  • o Troubleshooting Client Connectivity Issues

Troubleshooting XenApp Sessions, Applications and Policies:

  • o Session Management
  • o Troubleshooting Server Selection
  • o Troubleshooting Session Issues
  • o Troubleshooting Application Issues
  • o HDX Policy and Policy Issues

Troubleshooting XenDesktop:

  • o Client Connectivity
  • o Virtual Desktop Agent and Session Management
  • o Troubleshooting XenDesktop and VDA Registrations

Troubleshooting Printing:

  • o Printer Types
  • o Printer Provisioning
  • o Printing Pathways
  • o Printer Policies
  • o Troubleshooting Printing


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