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Administering Webex Contact Center Classroom Live Eagan, MN August 26, 2024

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This course runs for a duration of 4 Days.

The class will run daily from 10:00 am EST to 6:00 pm EST.

Class Location: Knowledge Transfer - Eagan, MN.

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Administering Webex Contact Center (AWXCC) is a 4-day, hands-on, instructor-led training course intended for anyone requiring Day 2 support knowledge of the Webex Contact Center environment. This lab-intensive course enables learners to administer Webex Contact Center in a cloud-native environment.

The lab environment includes a production Webex Tenant environment and provides each learner with the individualized resources available within Webex Contact Center to gain experience at an individualized pace. Since the training and Customers’ production environments are similar, the positive impacts of the knowledge gained in the course will be immediately beneficial to attendees as well as the Webex Tenant organization being maintained.

Course topics include setting up accounts, navigating the Contact Center Management Dashboard, configuring basic Contact Routing Flows to establish the customer experience, and performing day-to-day operational tasks.

The course also includes advanced features that focus on creating custom call queues, defining contact attributes, utilizing digital communication channels, and creating a typical Call Center operating environment for Agents and Supervisors that incorporate Monitoring, Recording, and Reporting capabilities. Functional testing and problem isolation are included as a part of the lab environment itself.


Learners will gain proficiency with the Webex Contact Center Cloud-based operating environment and be able to provide Day 2 operational support in a multi-channel Tenant environment. Upon successful completion of this course, the student should gain proficiency in the following:

  • Describe the capabilities, architecture, licensing, and PSTN calling options of the Webex Contact Center solution
  • Configure Tenant Profile components, including Sites, Teams, Users, Agents, and the various types of associated profiles
  • Design Queues, Call Routing Strategies, and Flows to handle common inbound calls routed to the IVR and Agents
  • Configure skill overflow/relaxation techniques used for LAA and SBR queues
  • Configure Routing Strategies to accommodate Business Hours
  • Establish Supervisory functions, including Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Define the functionality of Digital Channels including Email, SMS, WebChat, and others
  • Generate common analytics displays and custom reports
  • Perform basic configuration and administration of the Webex Contact Center solution

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Digital Platform Architects
  • Voice System Engineers
  • DevOps teams
  • Operations managers
  • Contact Center solution and training specialists
  • Support/Quality teams
  • Webex Partner systems engineers
  • Anyone with Day-2 responsibilities for Webex Contact Center

Course Overview

Module 1: An Introduction to Cisco Webex Contact Center

  • Webex Contact Center Overview
  • Webex Contact Center Architecture
  • Licensed Options
  • Accessing the Contact Center
  • PSTN Options

Module 2: Tenant Profiles

  • Components of a Tenant Profile
  • Contact Center User Types
  • Profile Types for Users
  • Skill, User, Agent, Multimedia
  • Including Skill Definitions
  • Sites and Teams
  • Adding Contact Center Users
  • Profile Associations for Various Types of Contact Center Users
  • Bulk Tools

Module 3: Routing Strategies and Call Flows

  • Overview
  • Dialed Numbers (DNs), Entry Points, and Queues
  • Routing Strategies and Audio Files
  • Call Flow Overview
  • Basic Activity Configuration for Inbound Call Flows
  • Advanced Activity Configuration

Module 4: Supervisory Functions

  • Supervisor Configuration
  • Call Recording
  • Recording Management
  • Call Monitoring

Module 5: IMI Digital Channels

  • Digital Channels Overview
  • Web/Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Digital Channel Flow

Module 6: Reports and Dashboards Using Visualizations

  • Visualizations
  • Reporting options
  • Stock Reports
  • Dashboards

Lab Outline:

Labs are designed to assure learners a whole practical experience, through the following practical activities:

Discovery 1-1: Navigating the Control Hub and Contact Center Portal

  • Explore the Webex Control Hub
  • Explore the Webex Contact Center Management Portal
  • Create an Administrative User for the Control Hub and Contact Center Portal

Discovery 2-1: Creating Profiles for Users

  • Create a User Profile
  • Create an Agent Profile
  • Create a Multimedia Profile
  • Create Skill Definitions and Skill Profiles

Discovery 2-2: Configuring Sites and Teams

  • Configure a Site
  • Configure Teams

Discovery 2-3: Provisioning Contact Center Agents

  • Contact Center Enable your Administrator account
  • Add an Agent to the Contact Center

Discovery 3-1: Defining Dialed Numbers, Extensions, Entry Points, and Queues

  • Observe Contact Center Dialed Numbers, add Agent Extensions
  • Configure and Map Entry Point to DN
  • Configure Longest Available Agent (LAA) Queues
  • Configure a Skills-Based Routing (SBR) Queue

Discovery 3-2: Creating a Call Flow to Agents

  • Create a Basic Call Flow
  • Configure a Routing Strategy
  • Test inbound calling to an Agent

Discovery 3-3: Adding IVR Functionality to the Call Flow

  • Add basic Prompt/Collect (IVR) functionality to a Call Flow
  • Skills Based Routing (SBR) and Relaxation
  • Routing Strategy considerations for Business Hours

Discovery 4-1: Configuring the Supervisor and Common Supervisor Tasks

  • Log in to Webex Control Hub and Make a Supervisor
  • Configure and Use Call Recording as a Supervisor or Administrator
  • Configure and Use Call Monitoring as a Supervisor or Administrator

Discovery 5-1: Loading the Three Default Flows for IMI (Instructor Demo)

  • Log In to Webex Connect

Discovery 5-2: Configuring Web/Live Chat in WXCC

  • Create an Account on Glitch.com
  • Configure a Service in Webex Connect
  • Configure a Chat App/Asset in Webex Connect
  • Create an Entry Point and Queue for Chat in Webex CC
  • Add a Template
  • Create a New Chat Flow
  • Configure the Chat Asset in Webex Engage
  • Configure Chat Templates in Webex Engage

Discovery 5-3: Configuring the Facebook Messenger Channel

  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Create a Facebook App (Asset) in Webex Connect
  • Create an Entry Point and Queue for Facebook Messenger in Webex CC
  • Add and Configure the Facebook Messenger Flow to Your Service
  • Test Your Facebook App
  • Configure Facebook Templates in Webex Engage

Discovery 5-4: Configuring the Email Channel

  • Create an Email App (Asset) in Webex Connect
  • Log In to Your Student Email Box and Forward to Webex Connect
  • Create an Entry Point and Queue for Email in Webex CC
  • Add and Configure the Email Flow to Your Service
  • Configure Email Templates in Webex Engage
  • Test your Email Digital Channel

Discovery 6-1: Using Visualization to Generate Reports and Dashboards

  • Log into Customer Journey Analyzer and Review the Default Dashboard Reports
  • Customer Journey Analyzer User Interface
  • Access Control
  • Execute Stock Reports
  • Create a Custom Report Using a Stock Report
  • Create a Real-time Contact Report
  • Create a Real-time Agent Report
  • Create Chat Reports with Interval
  • Use Formulas and Filters
  • Enhanced Field Compound Visualization and Drill-down
  • Stock Dashboards


The knowledge and skills the learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • MUST have prior knowledge of Call/Contact Center Operations and/or Administration
  • SHOULD have a basic understanding of Contact Routing and Reporting in an On-prem or Cloud based Call/Contact Center environment
  • SHOULD have familiarity with applications and services available in the Cloud
  • Possess multitasking skills regarding computer functionality, including the simultaneous use of the Ctrl-Tab keys
  • Each learner must have a PC/laptop with audio/video capability, preferably with the Webex app already installed. At least one PSTN-capable phone (cell phone) is required. Although you will be using Webex Calling for Agent functionality, access to multiple PSTN phones will augment the understanding of the Webex Contact Center environment regarding routing calls to Agents – wherever they may reside.

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