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Advanced Topics in COBOL (Enterprise COBOL, z/OS) Virtual Classroom Live December 09, 2024

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This course runs for a duration of 3 Days.

The class will run daily from 10 AM ET to 5 PM ET.

Class Location: Virtual LIVE Instructor Led - Virtual Live Classroom.

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Code COBOL mainline programs that CALL subroutines, passing arguments as necessary and COBOL subroutine programs that are CALLed, receiving any passed parameters

  • Explain the tradeoffs in deciding whether to use static or dynamic linkages when using external subroutines
  • Define and process tables, including: Initializing tables using VALUE or REDEFINES clauses, the INITIALIZE statement, loops, and extracting data from records in a file Working with tables of more than one dimension
  • Process tables using subscripting, indexing, or mixing subscripting and indexing; also using relative subscripting and relative indexing
  • Use the SET, SEARCH, and SEARCH ALL verbs as they apply to indexed tables
  • Use the ALL subscript capability of intrinsic functions
  • Work with variable length records in sequential files
  • Use the string handling features of COBOL, including Reference modification (sub-stringing), Hexadecimal notation, LENGTH OF special register and the LENGTH intrinsic function, INSPECT, STRING, and UNSTRING verbs, Null-terminated strings
  • Use some advanced features of the newest IBM COBOL compilers, including Local-storage section,
  • Recursive programs, Pointers, procedure-pointers, function-pointers, Address Of special register, Dynamic file allocation
  • (Optionally) use the COBOL SORT and MERGE verbs.


  • Introduction to Subroutines
  • Additional Subroutine Topics
  • Nested Programs
  • Additional Subroutine Capabilities - Optional
  • Table Handling, II
  • Table Handling, III
  • Initializing Tables
  • Indexing
  • Intrinsic Functions and Tables
  • Introduction to String Handling In COBOL
  • More String Handling in COBOL
  • COBOL SORT Facility (Optional)
  • Other Advanced Topics (Optional)



Course Overview

  • I. Introduction to Subroutines
  • A. Invoking Subroutines - CALL
  • B. Leaving a CALLed program
  • C. Passing Arguments and Receiving Parameters
    •  Computer Exercise: A Mainline and Subroutines
  • II. Additional Subroutine Topics
  • A. Static vs. Dynamic CALLs
  • D. Passing Arguments BY VALUE
  • E. How arguments are passed
  • F. How parameters are received
  • G. Returning values: the RETURNING phrase
  • H. Shared Data: the EXTERNAL Attribute
    • Computer Exercise: External Subroutines and Shared Data
  • III. Nested Programs
  • A. Nested Programs - The Concept
  • B. Nested Program Structures
  • C. The Uses of Nested Programs
  • D. The INITIAL Attribute
    • Computer Exercise: Nested Programs
  • IV. Additional Subroutine Capabilities - Optional
  • A. ENTRY Points
  • B. Local-storage
  • C. Recursive programs
  • D. Table Handling
  • E. Tables and subscripts
  • F. Loading a Table From a File
  • G. Looking Up an Element in a Table
    • Computer Exercise: Build and Print a Table
  • V. Table Handling, II
  • A. Sorting a Table
    • Computer Exercise: Table Sorting
  • VI. Table Handling, III
  • A. Variable Length Tables
  • B. Two-Dimensional Tables
  • VII. Initializing Tables
  • B. Loops and I/O
    • Computer Exercise: Two Dimensional Tables
  • VIII.Indexing
  • A. Index-names and Index Data Items
    • Computer Exercise: Using Indexes and SEARCH
  • IX. Intrinsic Functions and Tables
  • A. Concepts and Syntax
  • B. The ALL subscript
  • C. Variable Length Records
  • D. Defining E. Processing
    •  Computer Exercise: Reading a File With Variable Length Records
  • X. Introduction to String Handling In COBOL
  • A. Hex Notation
  • B. Reference Modification
  • C. LENGTH OF special register (IBM extension)
  • D. LENGTH intrinsic function E. INSPECT
    •  Computer Exercise: Analyzing Strings
  • XI. More String Handling in COBOL
    •  Computer Exercise: More String Handling 8
  • XII. COBOL SORT Facility (Optional)
  • A. Sort Files
  • B. The SORT Verb
  • C. Sort Control Statements
  • D. MERGE
    •  Computer Exercise: COBOL SORT
  • XIII.Other Advanced Topics (Optional)
  • A. Null-terminated strings
  • B. Pointers
  • C. Address Of Special Register
  • D. Procedure-pointers
  • E. Function-pointers
  • F. Dynamic file allocation


  • Structured COBOL Workshop [for Enterprise COBOL] is a prerequisite for this course.

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