Advanced Workflow Solutions with SharePoint Classroom Live Boston, MA February 16, 2021

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Across the enterprise, teams use Microsoft SharePoint sites to collaborate on documents and share information. You want to build SharePoint solutions that improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization, but you don’t want to write code. Where do you start?

With Microsoft SharePoint Designer, you can design no-code workflow solutions that manage simple to more complex business processes in an organization. Workflows add logic to both system and human processes. Workflows for system processes might update one data source when another data source changes. Workflows for human processes might send a document, such as an expense report, to an employee's manager for approval, and, if approved, on to the accounting department for processing.

This course is designed for the Power User, Site Owner, Site Collection Administrator, and Developer who want to learn to create custom SharePoint workflow solutions using SharePoint Designer, Visual Designer, and Visio. SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 maintain the same functionality as SharePoint 2013 for workflows and continue to use SharePoint Designer 2013.

In this course you will:

  • Use The Out-Of-The-Box Workflows.
  • Explore SharePoint 2013 Designer User Interface.
  • Learn Workflow Platform types available in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online
  • Create a SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Workflow
  • Create and Configure Stages, Steps, Actions, Conditions, and Events
  • List Workflows, Reusable Workflows, and Site Workflows
  • Learn Workflow Best Practices
  • Create and Configure Workflow Initiation Parameters and Variables
  • Use Workflow Data Sources and Lookups
  • Use Workflow in Visual Designer and Visio, and Microsoft Flow in Office 365

Course Overview

1.Introduction to Business Process Automation using Workflow

A.Out-Of-The-Box Workflows

i.Approval Workflow
ii.Feedback Workflow
iii.Digital Signatures Workflow
iv.Three State Workflow
v.Publishing Workflow
vi.Disposition Workflow

B.Workflow Settings

i.Association Forms

1.Workflow Template
2.Task List
3.History List

ii.Workflow Initiation Parameters

1.Adding Users to Workflows
2.Due Dates
3.Duration Per Task
4.Content Approval

C.Workflow administration

i.Manually Starting a Workflow by an Authenticated User

D.Workflow Creation from the Web Browser

i.List/Library Workflows
ii.Content Type Workflows
iii.Site Workflows

E.Complete a Workflow Task

i.Office Applications
iii.SharePoint Sites

F.Workflow Status

2.Lab 1: Using Out-of-the-box Workflows

A.Creating List/Library Workflows

i.Creating an Approval Workflow
ii.Creating a Feedback Workflow

B.Creating Content Type Workflows

i.Creating a Digital Signature Workflow
ii.Creating a Three-State Workflow

C.Creating Site Workflows

3.Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer

A.Explore SharePoint Designer 2013 User Interface

B.Workflow Platforms available in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online

C.List Workflows, Reusable Workflows, and Site Workflows

D.SharePoint 2010 Custom Workflows

i.Create Rules Based Workflows


E.SharePoint 2013 Custom Workflows

i.Changes from 2010 Custom Workflows
ii.Create Rules Based Workflows


F.Workflow Best Practices

i.Comments, Log to History List, Parallel Blocks, If/Else If Branches

4.Lab 2: Creating Custom Workflow with SharePoint Designer

A.Workflow Basics and Settings
B.Creating a 2010 Custom Workflow
C.Creating a 2013 Custom Workflow

5.Advanced Workflow Topics

A.Email Customization

i.Layout, Markup, and Branding

B.Creating Custom Workflow Forms

i.Modifying Forms Used in SharePoint Workflows

C.Initiation Forms 

i.Collection Information from Users to Reference in Workflows

D.Workflow Variables 

i.Creating Reusable Content in Word for use in Workflows

E.Workflows and Quick Parts

6.LAB 3: Advanced Workflow Topics

A.Working with Advanced Workflow Topics

i.Email Customization
ii.Creating Custom Workflow Forms
iii.Initiation Forms with Workflow
iv.Workflow Variables

7.Customizing Out-Of-The-Box Workflows

A.Feedback workflow
B.Approval workflow

8.Lab 4: Modify out-Of-The-Box Approval Workflow

A.Approval workflow

9.Visio Workflow

A.SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow in Visual Designer
B.Custom Workflows with Visio Professional

10.Lab 5: Visio Workflow

11.Flow for Office 365 Workflows

A.Intro to Flow
B.Application and Service Integration with Flow
C.Creating and Administering Flow

i.Flow Templates
ii.Flow Basics


iii.Build a Flow

12.Lab 6: Create a Flow

A.Building Flows


B.Managing Flows

13.Azure Workflow

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