Agile Project Management with Jira Training Classroom Live Herndon, VA October 27, 2021

Price: $1,595

This course runs for a duration of 3 Days.

The class will run daily from 9:00 am EST to 4:30 pm EST.

Class Location: Herndon - Herndon, VA.

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In this Jira Agile Project Management training course, you will learn how to configure Jira to fit your organization’s needs, use real-time reporting to track projects and identify impediments, and see how evolving requirements are incrementally captured. 

Keyfeatures of this Jira Agile Project Management Training

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit

You Will Learn How To

  • Manage Scrum and Kanban workflows with Jira
  • Track multiple projects and teams
  • Configure Jira to align with your organization's needs
  • Utilize reports to increase visibility and transparency
  • Implement best practices to avoid common pitfalls 

Who Should Attend

This course can be beneficial for those switching to Jira from another tool oranyone wanting to get an overview of how Jira can be used to manage projects.

This course uses Windows, Linux, and Atlassian Jira.

Course Overview

IntroducingJIRA Interface and Workflow

  • Navigating the user interface
    • Selecting different project views (plan, work, report, search, admin)
    • Improving comprehension through rich text formatting and attachments
    • Cross-referencing issues
    • Watching ticket updates
  • Prioritizing backlogs
    • Estimating task complexity
    • Organizing issues according to importance
    • Assigning issues to users and sprints
    • Flagging issues that require attention

Managing Scrum Projects

  • Managing boards (backlog, sprint and review)
    • Exploring boards and project relationship
    • Starting and closing the sprint Improving productivity through day-to-day use
  • Managing epics, stories, bugs and tasks
    • Labeling and tagging components
    • Optimizing search techniques
    • Refining user stories
    • Utilizing sub-tasks effectively
  • Managing sprints
    • Monitoring the sprint board
    • Verifying issue status reflects reality
  • Leveraging reports
    • Tracking progress during retrospective and review
    • Creating burndown, sprint, and velocity charts

Customizing and Advanced Configuration

  • Advanced reporting
    • Creating custom reports with JQL filters
    • Designing custom dashboards
    • Utilizing custom filters
  • Customizing JIRA
    • Aligning JIRA with your organization's needs
    • Configuring workflows for different teams
    • Changing estimation and tracking statistics
    • Adding custom fields to screens

Scaling Projects with JIRA

  • Tackling a massively growing backlog
    • Classifying and grouping issues
    • Planning future work with releases/versions
  • Managing multiple projects and teams
    • One team, multiple projects
    • One project, multiple teams

Managing Projects with Kanban

  • Comparing Scrum and Kanban
    • Differences between Scrum and Kanban methodologies
    • Deciding which it best for your team
  • Constraining throughput and capacity
    • Setting up boards
    • Organizing data with swim lanes and custom columns
    • Tracking progress


 No prior experience is required other than basic Windows knowledge.

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