Assertive Communication Skills Classroom Live Herndon, VA October 06, 2021

Price: $2,650

This course runs for a duration of 3 days.

The class will run daily from 9:00 am EST to 4:30 pm EST.

Class Location: Herndon - Herndon, VA.

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Key Features of this Assertive Communication Skills Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • End-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Demonstrate and model assertive behavior for win-win outcomes
  • Gain self-awareness of your attitudes, behavior patterns, and habits
  • Develop a positive, proactive response to difficult behaviors
  • Exhibit confidence in your ability to address challenging situations

Course Overview

Assertiveness Essentials

  • Recognizing modes of interactive behavior
    • Considering critical attributes of assertive behavior
    • Identifying characteristics of nonassertive behavior
    • Acknowledging areas of personal vulnerability and opportunity
    • Responding appropriately to manipulation or bullying
  • Contextual and situational considerations
    • Asserting 360 degrees: peers, direct-reports, bosses and vendors
    • Assessing the impact of organizational culture
    • Accommodating intercultural norms
    • Navigating power relationships within the organization

Expressing Personal Power

  • Pinpointing patterns of behavior
    • Raising self-awareness
    • The role of personal history
    • Exploring how identity, fear and habits impact results
    • Creating new personal effectiveness
  • Mapping how people handle conflict


  • Enhancing your ability to respond to conflict
  • Recognizing your conflict style
  • Responding differently to different situations
  • Considering the role of Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Overcoming Challenging Situations
  • Applying viable assertiveness techniques
    • ​Deciding which situations call for assertiveness
    • Witnessing the dynamics of constructive and destructive interactions
  • Adopting effective assertiveness strategies
    • Developing options to respond productively
    • Identifying your assertiveness style and adapting your approach
    • Giving up blame and focusing on solutions
    • Seeing the win-win potential of cooperation
    • Finding the root cause through effective questioning

Building Your Assertiveness Skill Set

  • Committing to assertive and skillful outcomes
    • Developing powerful nonverbal communication
    • Accepting responsibility for resolution
    • Initiating improved communication
    • Communicating clearly in complex situations
    • Deflecting criticism and personal attacks
  • Developing the tools
    • The power of "I" statements
    • Saying "no" productively
    • Addressing difficult issues using the DESC approach
    • Pushing through resistance

Mastering Assertiveness

  • Establishing a proactive assertiveness style

    • Taking time to think clearly
    • Modeling productive approaches
    • Responding to everyday situations
    • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Practicing effective assertiveness principles
    • Leveraging a four-step process model
    • Accurately assessing your situation
    • Targeting desired outcomes
    • Measuring results

Launching Your Assertiveness Plan

  • Constructing an assertiveness action plan
    • Adopting an attitude of responsibility and mutual respect
    • Committing to timelines and outcomes
    • Prioritizing changes in assertive behavior
  • Putting the "action" into the assertiveness action plan
    • Constructing a blueprint for your action plan
    • Reinforcing your newly developed assertiveness skills
    • Scheduling time to assess progress
    • Practicing assertive behaviors
    • Modifying your action plan to accommodate change

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