Delivery at Scale Training Classroom Live Herndon, VA January 19, 2022

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This course runs for a duration of 3 days.

The class will run daily from 9:00 am EST to 4:30 pm EST.

Class Location: Herndon - Herndon, VA.

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This Delivery at Scale Training course looks at enterprise value management in the context of portfolios and programs – how do we ensure the organization's resources are being spent in the most effective way, that people are doing things that are of the most importance to the organization, and that interwoven streams of work are delivered successfully? This program draws on ideas from the latest thinking, blends these with tried and proven techniques and will provide you with tools and techniques to ensure you are able to help maximize value returned to their organization.

This Delivery at Scale Training course prepares you for the Enterprise Product Ownership certification

Key Features of this Delivery at Scale Training:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  •  End-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Establish and engage the roles and responsibilities involved in portfolio management
  • Apply a variety of techniques for identifying value in an initiative
  • Make investment decisions using effective identify metrics
  • Align outcomes from an initiative with organizational strategy, and how the strategy needs to be adaptive
  • Build a value model to help guide investment decisions
  • Visualize and present a portfolio using portfolio Kanban
  • Measure progress and delivered value in an initiative
  • Adapt the flow of work- when to increase investments, pause, and stop
  • Propagate portfolio decisions across the delivery teams and manage the resultant impact
  • Scale to larger initiatives: how to structure teams and programs for the most effective throughput and value delivery

Course Overview

  • Why Adaptive Portfolio Management

    • Organizational paradigms
    • Breakthroughs in collaboration
    • Optimizing throughput
    • Setting up best environment for teams
    • Distributed team considerations
  • Defining Value

    • Calculating the cost of value
    • Constraints, Quality, Value Triangle
    • Stakeholders of value
  • Frameworks, Portfolios, Programs, and Initiatives

    • The differences between them
    • Why an agile portfolio is managed differently
    • Why an agile program is managed differently
  • Adaptive Portfolio

    • Governing the pipeline
    • Iterative Flow
    • Standing up for value, and how value is created
    • Adaptive Portfolio Lifecycle
    • Breakdown differenced between traditional and Lean/Agile approach
    • Mindset changes that are needed
    • Sources of waste
  • Building a Value Model

    • Heed and understand the ever-changing voice of your customer
    • Value life cycle
    • Using an enterprise value model to guide decisions
    • Estimate value based on model weights
  • From PMO to Value Delivery Office

    • New roles relationship structure
    • Value management as a team sport
    • Product management
  • Scaling Across Programs

    • Factors to determine your context
    • Considerations to scaling each factor
    • Options for frameworks available
  • Strategy and Alignment

    • Strategic hierarchy
    • Elements of the 7-S Model
    • Purpose alignment model
    • SWOT
  • Identify the Value

    • Value stream mapping
    • Alignment and Scope as elements of value
    • Money and Constraints as elements of value
    • Identify the impact
  • Understanding the Cost of Delay

    • Calculating risk
    • Turning risk in to potential costs
    • Weighted Shortest Job First
  • Metrics that Matter

    • What to measure
    • When to measure it
    • Kanban metrics
    • Possible business value dials
  • Governance with a Light Touch

    • Empowered teams aligned with organizational goals
    • Facilitating the flow of value
    • Defining Done
    • Importance of operational excellence
  • Producing a Roadmap

    • The value proposition
    • Kano analysis
    • Elements of a roadmap
  • Funding Models

    • Make valid comparisons between investments
    • Financial considerations (ROI, NPV, IRR)
    • Present Value Analysis
    • Knowing when to stop
    • Reinvestment decision making
    • Beyond Budgeting Model
  • Making Value Visible - Portfolio Kanban

    • Creating an agile portfolio planning Kanban wall
    • Make policies explicit
    • Setting realistic WIP
    • Creating a portfolio execution Kanban wall
  • Lean Startup

    • Build-Measure-Learn
  • Learning and Adapting

    • Delivery in small slices
    • Acting on feedback
    • Avoiding waste
    • Allow space for innovation
    • Iterative change roadmap
    • Leadership over the pain of change
    • Creating an adaptive business checklist


  • This course builds on your existing knowledge of Agile. Ideally, you will have a foundation knowledge of Agile and it is valuable for you to have an understanding of the Agile Product Owner roles and responsibilities.

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