Introduction to SharePoint Online Classroom Live New York, NY February 01, 2022

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This course runs for a duration of 4 days.

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Class Location: New York - New York, NY.

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In this Introduction to SharePoint Online training you gain a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s popular cloud-based platform. In this hands-on course you will learn to create, manage, and customize sites using new tools to help you empower your organization.

SharePoint Online gives people powerful enterprise tools to inform and connect people to better share and collaborate from anywhere: the office, home or mobile devices. Users can create and manage sites for document lifecycle management, easier access to information, and a variety of tools and strong Office 365 integration for content management and intranet development.

Key Features of this Introduction to SharePoint Online:

  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • End-of-course exam included

You Will Learn How To:

  • Create and manage SharePoint sites including the new modern team sites and community sites
  • Apply best practice content management techniques with the new list and library apps
  • Manage site security with SharePoint groups and Office 365 groups
  • Add and edit SharePoint pages, including the new modern pages
  • Automate business processes with Flow and other workflow tools
  • Leverage the powerful Office 365 integration to make the most of your sites

Course Overview

  • Introduction to SharePoint

    • Identifying use cases for SharePoint Online

    • Implementing SharePoint and Office 365
    • Using SharePoint sites for effective sharing and collaboration
    • Understanding user roles in SharePoint Online
    • SharePoint Online New Features
  • Creating SharePoint Websites

    Site hierarchy
    • Identify new and classic methods for site organization
    • Determining an appropriate information architecture strategy
    • Leveraging the templates in SharePoint Online
    • Sharing information with the new communication sites
    • Understanding the power of Office 365 groups with modern team sites
    Site administration
    • Working with modern and classic site templates
    • Utilize new tools for branding to your site
    • Site settings for site owners and site collections administrators
    • Understanding options for customizing SharePoint sites
    • Controlling navigation for ease of access
  • Managing SharePoint Security

    Managing and user access
    • Using SharePoint groups with classic templates
    • Understanding Office 365 groups with modern team sites
    • Creating and managing permission levels
    • Handling permission requests
    Simplifying security management through inheritance
    • Understanding when to use permission inheritance
    • Breaking and re-establishing inheritance
    • Inheritance with SharePoint groups and Office 365 groups
  • Working with Classic and Modern SharePoint Pages

    Distinguishing between modern pages, wiki pages, and web part pages
    • Creating and editing content with the new modern pages
    • Changing layout for better presentation of information
    • Formatting wiki pages
    • Working with web parts and other web content
    • Customizing page content to meet the needs of your users
    Building an Intranet
    • Leveraging the capability offered in the new communication site template
    • Building and designing a rich user experience
    • Take advantage of responsive design for users on tablets and mobile devices
  • Managing Enterprise Content

    Defining content types
    • Enterprise scale document management with content types
    • Empowering libraries using templates
    • Managing record retention
    Creating enterprise-wide metadata standardization
    • Defining taxonomy and enterprise information architecture
    • Centralizing metadata for reuse across sites and the enterprise
    • Understanding site columns
    Leveraging the term store for metadata management
    • Setting up Managed Metadata Service
    • Creating term sets with the Term Store
    • Adding Managed Metadata columns to list and library apps
  • Managing Content with Apps

    Controlling information with list apps
    • Creating lists and using list templates
    • Adding, deleting, and changing content
    • Categorizing and identifying information with the new modern list tools
    • Filtering and finding information with the filters panel
    Leveraging Office 365 integration with libraries
    • Tracking and managing versions
    • Providing access to external participants
    • Managing content approval
  • Implementing Enterprise Features

    Managing documents
    • Defining Document Libraries
    • Migrating content to Document Libraries
    • Leveraging Metadata in Document Libraries
    Organizing content
    • Implement metadata for best-practice content management
    • Standardizing content types in a list and library apps
    • Establishing external content types


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Office, and the web.

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