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Customized Corporate Training

Training designed to meet the needs of your corporate environment

Strategic Alliances

KTCS is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality technical training in the most current technology. We offer our customers the opportunity to work with a single company while maintaining access to technical training services on a national and global basis. Through our strategic alliances and training partners, Knowledge Transfer has the ability to address all of your technical training needs.

Global Coverage

Knowledge Transfer currently partners with a select group of over 45 technical training partners with over 400 convenient locations throughout the United States, the U.K., India and APAC. These partners are all, at a minimum, Certified Partners for Learning Solutions in one or more of the following technologies: IBM, Cisco, Citrix, Red Hat, Microsoft, VMware to name a few.

Focused Training

We believe in partnering with our clients to understand their business and align our services to help them attain their business objectives through targeted and focused training. Our integrated approach to training is the most effective way to address needs in today's business environment. By assessing the needs of an organization, we develop blended training programs that leverage the use of instructor led training, e-Learning and industry reference materials to maximize skill development and the Client's most valuable asset, productive time.

Quality Training

Knowledge Transfer utilizes highly experienced, expert training consultants who have real practical experience in the technologies they teach/consult. Our training consultants are consistently recognized for their in-depth knowledge, teaching capabilities and engaging teaching styles. Each training consultant administers and reports the results of level one and level two evaluations.

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Competitive Price

High ROI Dwindling budgets have forced IT administrators to reexamine their IT spending habits in an effort to optimize their return-on-investment. Knowledge Transfer believes that we have a responsibility, to our customers, to work with them in developing a quality driven approach to allocating their technical training funds in the most effective manner possible. We are able to provide up front consultation services to assist you in outlining a solution, customized to your specific needs, that fits within your defined constraints. Our cost-effective approach, coupled with measurable results combine to makes Knowledge Transfer the best choice for all your technical training needs.

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Microsoft Certified Training Partners

Through our network of Microsoft Certified Training Partners, students are required to complete the Metrics that Matter evaluation process at the end of each class. Metrics that Matter is a web based learning analytics technology that allows organizations to cost effectively measure the training impact and improve performance. Metrics that Matter automates the data collection, storage, processing, and reporting of all components of learning analytics. It allows Knowledge Transfer to more efficiently and effectively collect valuable business intelligence in a practical, scaleable, and repeatable manner where financial, physical and human resources are very limited.Knowledge Transfer is proud to provide our customers with proof of our commitment to quality by making available quality analytics

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Proven Performance

Level One: Survey of entire class experience. These surveys have consistently shown an average approval rating of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.
Level Two: Pre and Post-Assessment based on course objectives and goals set by the client. The average KTCS student score increase from Pre (42%) to Post-Assessment(89%).

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