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Knowledge Transfer Training Management

A Recognized Leader in Corporate Training Management for 25 years!

Corporate Training Management Solutions

Knowledge Transfer has been providing Training Procurement Services for over 25 years. We have continuously demonstrated enormous savings for our clients.

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Training and Request Process? What is it?

In its simplest definition: It is a process that allows employees to request and procure training at rates that are the same if not better (averaging an annual savings of 42%) than they would receive by calling a vendor direct. This is not a “Preferred Vendor Program”; it is a “Preferred Training Request Process” that promotes flexibility, autonomy, along with time management and fiscal accountability.

  • Increase savings through buyers network In 11 years utilizing our Training Request Process, one of our client's reduced their spending by $4.5M, an annual average of $450,000 in savings.
  • Access to multiple vendors in the U.S.; Europe and APAC Last year, our Training Request Services managed, monitored and procured training in over 67 cities spanning across the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Beijing, India, Argentina and Australia.
  • Focus on your organization's core business Knowledge Transfer's Training Request services are built on the sound principles of running training like a business. We take responsibility for sourcing for you. This means you have access to our market knowledge, supplier base and buying power. It enables you to take advantage of significant time and cost savings when booking training through us.
  • Reduction of operational expense We can take on the heavy lifting for clients so that their internal team can focus on excellence in the work that is critical to do internally (e.g. business alignment). We have structured each practice so that it remains focused on what matters most (driving value) while also providing the benefits of top-notch managed services (scalability, process excellence, continual improvement, and cost efficiency).​
  • Single point of contact for your employees to call or email with their training requirements No matter the topic, location, or timing, your employee can reach out to one source to request training. Every training request is micro managed to ensure your employees receive the most accurate results offering the Right Training Class (content) delivered at the Right Time and at the Right Location for the Right Price per the employees training requirements.
Knowledge Transfer Training Network

Experienced Training Network

For the past 25 years, Knowledge Transfer has built strong alliances with consulting, training and independent resources to build one of the largest partner networks.

  • More Choices Knowledge Transfer's training network boasts one of the largest Public Training Schedules in North America.
  • Greater Flexibility Instructor-led, OnDemand, E-learning, Virtual, Coaching, Virtual Mentoring
  • Independent Experts Today the word "Expert" is over used in the training industry. As a Training Management company, we have spent over 25 years in this industry hand picking our experts for our clients. We choose our experts based on our client's requirements which requires us to have a very large pool of Independent Experts.
  • Larger Training Network We recognize that no one training organization can cover all of your subject matter areas. Which is why we partner with technology vendors (like Oracle, Microsoft…), certified IT training companies locally, nationally, globally and LAR'S, VAR'S, technology institutions to help us cover every possible training requirement dealt to us.
  • Training Locations Approximately 400 locations across the globe.

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